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"And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob"




Original air date

3 July 2015

Running Time

11:14 (minutes)


2.350 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Michael Jelenic, Aaron Horvath

Directed by

Peter Rida Michail

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"Campfire Stories"


"The H.I.V.E. Five"

"And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob" is the forty-eighth episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the one hundredth episode overall. It first aired on 3 July 2015 on Cartoon Network.


Raven just wants some peace and quiet for once, and accidentally makes a magical deal that eliminates all sounds.[1]


Raven floats into the kitchen, passing by Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, and Silkie, who are sitting on the table. She opens the fridge and takes out an apple, but is shocked to see Beast Boy by the sink. She asks if he's doing the dishes, but Beast Boy scoffs that he doesn't wash dishes. He says he likes the way the pots sound when they clang together and is thinking of starting a dish band. Starfire volunteers to play the spoons, Cyborg decides to play the pots, and Robin says he'll be on jugs and lead vocals. Raven refuses to participate and asks that they keep the noise down. Beast Boy takes a broom and joins the dish band while Robin begins to sing, "Bring on the Night." Raven questions why they always have to be so loud, but Beast Boy says they can be louder and resume singing. She grunts and leaves to her room, claiming that she'll give anything for peace and quiet.

At that moment, a flash of pink appears in her room and reveals the Whisperer. Raven can't understand the creature and asks that she speak louder, but she claims that she can't speak above a whisper and moves closer. The Whisperer explains that she came to Raven, because, like her, she prefers the peace and quiet. Raven tells the creature it would be nice to have silence, but that admits that her magic isn't that strong. The Whisperer tells her that her power is and all she asks in return are tummy tickles. Raven agrees, and after tickling the Whisperer's tummy, the creature summons a green box from her tummy that unleashes a green light. She tells Raven to enjoy the silence and departs.

The next day, Raven wakes up to no sound and smiles. She teleports into the kitchen where the other Titans are attempting to make as much noise as possible. She heads to the living room to read and the others follow her there. Robin slaps a book out of her hands and Raven tries to scold them, but no sound comes from her mouth. She theorizes that all sound from the world has been removed and the Titans continue trying to produce sound. She orders them to stop whereupon they spot the Whisperer playing the piano. She asks Raven if she's enjoying the silence she wished for, causing the Titans to glare at her. The Whisperer explains that removing sound was her evil plan for eons so that she can finally be heard. She further states that all she needed was a half-demon to give her tummy tickles which Raven did. The Titans try talking to the Whisperer, but she grows frustrated and asks that they write it down. Raven writes "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" on the paper and the Whisperer reads it out loud, allowing the Titans to speak once more.

Raven says that while the rest of the world may be silent, at least the Titans have their voices back. She sees the Titans making loud noises and admits that she immediately regrets it. The Whisperer says she should as silence is the best and has now ruined it before departing. Robin chides Raven for removing sound from the world, but she claims it was a good deal at the time. Cyborg and Starfire wonder if they'll never hear squeaky hinges and kitties, respectively. Raven says that if the Titans weren't so loud all the time, then she wouldn't have made the deal. Beast Boy says it's fine as one good thing came out of a world with no sound. The Titans immediately realize he farted and begin retching in disgust.

That night, Cyborg shows the Titans a spring that he flicks only for it to boing in his voice. Robin says that Cyborg was saying the sound effect, but he show them again with his mouth shut. He explains that he was in his room missing sound and began to create his own sound effects. After a while, it began saying the sound effect on its own. Raven says that's amazing and Robin agrees, but asks Cyborg to perform a water sprinkler and Starfire suggests he mimics a bullfrog. Raven explains that she meant it was amazing that the sound effect he made latched itself onto the object and theorizes that the Whisperer created a sound vacuum in which they can assign their own sounds. As such, the Titans begin adding their own sound effects, but things sound different as Beast Boy replaced punch noises with farts and turkey noises replaced farts. Robin tells them to listen to the world of sounds they created, but Cyborg and Starfire admit they don't like it. Raven says that the only thing to do is to travel to the Whisperer and force her to release the world's sounds. They cross a swamp and Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin are attacked by crocodiles as Raven and Starfire float past them. While crossing the mountain, they hear a meow and Beast Boy decides to say hi to the kitten. However, the kitten is actually a giant monster, and it attacks Beast Boy. Starfire apologizes for making monsters sound like kittens and the other Titans attack it, making fart noises. Beast Boy laughs, but is hit by one of the monster's punches.

The Titans enter the Whisperer's mountain and see the green box in the center of a platform. They head to the box, but when Raven tries to grab it, it vanishes. The Whisperer unveils herself and says that since the sound effects the Titans made are so bad, it would encourage people to stay quiet. Raven says that the one thing about the Titans is that they are loud and proud and orders them to hit it. Cyborg hands the Titans their dishes and begin performing as the dish band. The Whisperer says that they're so terrible and worse than before and gives them back the sounds. Raven unleashes the sound back into the world, fixing the sound effects. She admits that she was wrong for thinking she wanted silence, but says that all the sound effects made it back to their proper places. Beast Boy says not all of them and farts, which emits turkey sounds. The Titans retch in disgust and Cyborg yells at Beast Boy to warn somebody.


For a full transcript of "And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Non-speaking roles
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • This episode was originally confirmed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic at San Diego Comic-Con 2014.
  • This episode aired during a week of brand new episodes and after a marathon of all episodes released so far.
  • While this was advertised as the 100th episode of the series, it was the 103rd to be produced.
  • Running Gags: Beast Boy farting to emit turkey noises, punches sounding like farts.
  • This episode aired one year after "Money Grandma".
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Campfire Stories".


  • Raven mentions she doesn't have a soul which was first revealed in "Salty Codgers".
  • The Lady Legasus comic book from "Legs" can be seen on the floor of the living room.
  • Raven consults Ancient Legends again.


  • When the Titans had no sound, the episode used intertitles to present their dialogue in a manner similar to silent films from the early 1900s.
  • Silkie's sound effect, "hey, hey, hey" is a reference to Fat Albert's catchphrase from the TV show Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.



And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob title card
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