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Flirting Aqualad
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DJ Aqualad




Pacific Ocean

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Batgirl, Bumblebee, Más y Menos, Speedy, Cyborg, Robin, Aquaman, Aquagirl, Terra, Raven


Beast Boy, Raven (temporarily)


Titans East

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For the similar character that appeared in "Let's Get Serious", see Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm).

Aqualad (real name Garth[1]) is a teenage superhero and a member of the Titans East.


Aqualad was a host of the Titans East Annual Dance Party and danced alongside Batgirl. However, Robin jumped in and butt-bumped him, annoying the hero. He was later impaled in the face by the disco ball that Beast Boy had thrown. Because of this, he refused to invite the two for the next party. He was presumably at next year's party.[2]

DJ Aqualad

Aqualad beginning his concert.

Aqualad held a concert as a DJ which was attended by many people. Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg were unable to purchase tickets and listened to the concert through the ally next door.[3]

When learning about Más y Menos, Beast Boy discovered a clip online where Aqualad, in a dubbed voice, explained the powers of the twins.[4]

In Robin's dream, the Boy Wonder passionately kissed Starfire when Raven opted to inform the Titans East, including Aqualad, who gasped in shock.[5]

Attraction to Raven

Aqualad relaxed in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, being waited on by various marine animals as he watched a TV show. However, he was interrupted by Robin, who implored him to come to the surface and bring shrimp. Aqualad suggested that he bring sharks as well, but Robin emphasized the importance of only bringing shrimp. He summoned an army of them to come to his aid and they arrived at the shore, where he asked about the threat. However, Robin instead noted that he never mentioned a threat, just told him to bring shrimp. Cyborg pressed a button to activate a net that retrieved the shrimp and Aqualad realized that they were planning on eating them. As the Titans enjoyed their catch, Cyborg invited Aqualad to feast with them, but Aqualad reprimanded them for eating his partners. He asked Beast Boy if his friends always ate other people's friends, but Beast Boy said that only sometimes, but acted pretty cool while placing an emphasis on Raven. Aqualad noted her as the little dude with the hoodie, but Beast Boy threw back Raven's hood, revealing to Aqualad that she is a female and he immediately became attracted to her.[6]

Teen Titans Go! comic series

After Robin was frozen by Captain Cold, Raven proposed that they dumped him in the ocean and let Aqualad handle how to unfreeze him.[7]


Aqualad has a friendly personality, and didn't sound intense at all when insulting Beast Boy, and refused to fight Beast Boy in Raven's death match.

However, by Rocks and Water, the audience catches a different glimpse of Aqualad. He seems to be a bit more boasting than usual and enjoyed mocking Raven about their breakup. In comparison to Terra, his then-girlfriend, when battling Beast Boy and Raven, Aqualad seemed to rely heavily on attack without thought or strategy, which is proven to be his and Terra's weakness. On some instances, Aqualad holds a loving companionship with marine life, but as noted by Raven, he tends to misuse them, evident when he almost squished a turtle's face with his foot and fed a fish band to a pack of hungry sharks for Raven's amusement.

Aqualad is also a coward at times and often retorts to name-calling, such as calling Beast Boy a 'goblin'. Other than that, Aqualad is shown to be devoted to being a hero but is flawed in many ways.

Physical appearance

He is pretty tall, with sleek black hair. Wears a blue and navy blue suit, with black boots.


Aqualad and shrimp army

Aqualad displayed his capable swimming skills and marine zoolingualism when answering Robin's call.

Aqualad, as an Atlantean, has several abilities to help him live in and control water.

  • Breathe underwater: Aqualad is able to breathe comfortably underwater and even talk despite not having any visible gills.[6]
  • Hydrokinesis: Aqualad is able to control water for various means. He was able to create a bubble encased with air in order for Raven to breathe.[6]
  • Marine zoolingualism: Aqualad is able to talk to marine animals and use them for his bidding. He was able to call massive amounts of shrimp to aid him, a turtle in which he could stand on, and marine animals to act as bait for shark.[6]
  • Peak swimmer: Aqualad is able to swim comfortably and at high speeds, matching the speed of marine animals.[6]

Other skills

  • Musician: As a DJ, Aqualad is able to mix and spin music that appeals to a wide range of people which results in sold-out concerts.[3]



Aqualad developed a crush on her, and she went the same way. Aqualad's feelings for Raven ended at the fight to the death, and he stated she was "too dark" for her, then they became enemies until Head Fruit where Aqualad asked how Raven was doing and Yearbook Madness where Aqualad asked Raven to take him back.


They were shown to be in love until the end of Rocks and Water where they broke up due to Raven and Beast Boy's tricks. They are still allies, though.


Beast Boy

The two are rivals due to them both having feelings for Terra and Raven


Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! comic book series


TTG Pirates 202a 61
The Image Gallery for Aqualad may be viewed here.


  • In his spare time, Aqualad holds a profession as a DJ.[8][3]
  • Aqualad is the fourth person and first hero to be banished to a another dimension, after Ed, Trigon, and Terra.


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