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I almost want to give you super powers
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B'wana Beast
B'wana Beast
B'wana Beast waving hi
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Professional Information
Robin, Starfire, Raven
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  You're Fired!
Voiced by:

B'wana Beast is a minor superhero in Teen Titans Go!. He auditions for a spot on the Teen Titans, but failed to earn a spot. His power is to combine two animals into one, demonstrating with a rabbit and Silkie.



Wheres a yellow and red mask, has 2 yellow bracelets, one on each hand. He doesn't where pants or shirt.

Powers and abilities

Animal Merging: He has the ability to fuse animals, as seen in You're Fired!, he fused Silkie and a rabbit together.

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