"Baby Hands/Transcript"
Season 2, Episode 12
Baby Hands title card
Production code: 206b
Airdate: September 11, 2014
Director: Peter Rida Michail
Writer: Amy Wolfram
"Love Monsters"
"Caramel Apples"
This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Baby Hands" from season 2, which aired on September 11, 2014.
Robin (featured)
Beast Boy
Brother Blood
Titans Tower
Jump City Weapons Depot
Plot Point
Robin's baby hands
This transcript is incomplete.


[Episode opens to show Beast Boy and Cyborg eating a burrito and burger. A smoke grenade explodes, causing Robin to appear on the kitchen table.]

Robin: Mandatory meeting in one minute!

[Robin gestures to the communicator which begins to count down the minute.]

Cyborg: You and your baby hands are gonna have to wait. I'm eating a mandatory hamburger.

Beast Boy: Yeah, and I'm having a mandatory burrito, Baby Hands.

Robin: [Looks at his hands and the communicator countdown.] Forty-seven seconds! And I don't have baby hands.

[Starfire is brushing her hair while on her bed.]

Robin: [Breaks through the window.] Mandatory meeting in thirty-seven seconds!

Starfire: Please, what is the meaning of this mandatory word?

Robin: Nice try. I know you understand our language.

[Robin rolls through the broken window, exiting Starfire's room.]

Starfire: Baby Hands.

Robin: [Using the grappling hook to fly past the window.] I heard that.

Raven is meditating in her room when Robin breaks down the door.

Robin: Mandatory meeting in -

Raven uses her magic to slam the door in Robin's face.

Robin: Looking at his communicator in the living room.] Mandatory meeting in three, two, one ... [Looks at the vacant couch and groans.] They just don't take this meeting seriously anymore. I remember our very first mandatory meeting. Things were so different. [Flashbacks to first mandatory meeting.]

Robin (flashback) Welcome to the very first mandatory meeting of the Teen Titans.

Robin: [Voice-over.][Sighs.] I should have taught them to respect me when they were still fresh and impressionable. Back then, Raven was actually happy to be here.

Raven (flashback) Do I get extra credit for showing up early?

Robin: [Voice-over.] And Starfire was fresh off the spaceship. She didn't even understand the language.

Starfire (flashback) [Holding a magazine.] Klorthog!

Robin: [Voice-over.] And Beast Boy and Cyborg were still too shy to gang up on me. They were even't friends yet. [Flashback ends, ending the voice-over.] Ah, those were the days. If only, I could go back.

Raven: Well, too bad you can't, Baby Hands.

Beast Boy: Oh!

Cyborg: He got some baby hands!

Robin: I do not have baby hands! [The crime alarm blares.] Crime Alert! Brother Blood is in Jump City. Titans! [Notices that the Titans have left.] Don't bother to wait for me to say go. Just go! [Sighs.]

[Brother Blood is sitting on a machine that he is using to attack Jump City. He destroys a police cruiser, Zippy's Pizza, and spots the Teen Titans.]

Robin: The Titans have stopped you before, Brother Blood, and we will stop you again.

Brother Blood Of course you will. How could any villain stand against such a formidable team?

[The Titans look left and right.]

Beast Boy: Are you making fun of us, dude?

Brother Blood Why would I make fun of the most amazing superhero team of all time?

Raven: Yep, definitely making fun of us.

Brother Blood I mean it sincerely when I say you're a well-oiled crime-fighting machine.

Cyborg: He does have a point. We could work together better.

Robin: This is exactly why we need those mandatory meetings.

Brother Blood I'm trying to say your teamwork is your greatest strength which is how I came up with my latest plan. [A helmet is placed over his head.] This device will amplify my mind control powers, allowing me to erase every memory you have ever had together as the Teen Titans. No team, no one to stop me. Jump City will be mine! [Laughs.]

Robin: We'll never let you, Blood.

[Robin runs up to the machine as Brother Blood presses a button. He leaps over the blast and throws his staff, but the blast hits Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy. The staff manages to destroy the machine and Brother Blood and Robin fall to the ground.]

Cyborg: Who are you?

Raven: Where am I?

Beast Boy: Have I eaten today?

Starfire: Glorpsmaudorafee!

Robin: [Gasps.]

Brother Blood [Laughs.] Every moment you've spent building the Teen Titans into what they are is gone, Robin.

Robin: Do you know what that means? [Confetti.] I get a do-over! This time, everyone will respect me as a leader. And no one will ever make fun of my baby hands again. This is the best evil plan ever!

Brother Blood Ooh. That's not exactly what I was going for.

Robin: [Hugging Brother Blood.] Thank you, thank you, so much. [Kisses Brother Blood on the head.] Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah.

Brother Blood [Knocks Robin off of him.] Okay, that's enough! [Walks off.]

Robin: Leans into view from the left.] Reeeeally appreciate it!

[Scene change to Titans Tower. Peppy music is playing. Inside, Robin is standing in the living room talking to himself.]

Robin: Finally, a fresh start! This time, I'll make such a great first impression that they'll have to respect me! Teen Titans first mandatory meeting starts - [Reprimanding noise.] I didn't say now - NOW!>

[As Robin suddenly turns around, the camera snaps out to include the couch - where the rest of the Titans are already standing.]

Beast Boy: Uhhh ... What's going on, bro?

Cyborg: How did I get into this large, letter-shaped building?!

Raven: I don't like this.

Starfire: Gah ... Klothog!

Robin: Don't panic - you're just a little confused because all your memories were erased. My name is Robin. [He holds up a sign reading "ROBIN".] And I am your leader. All I ask is for your unconditional respect and admiration, and we will get through this.

[The Titans all sit down in front of the couch like schoolchildren.]

Robin: Okay. First order of business: What do you guys think of my hands? [He holds them up.]

Cyborg: They're fine.

Raven: They look good to me.

Beast Boy: Seem normal.

Starfire: Hmm - Korva. [She smiles.]

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