Bat-O's promoted in Food Bear.

Bat-O's is a brand of breakfast cereal endorsed by Batman and marketed throughout Jump City.


While on a quest to retrieve pretzel bread to reforge the legendary sandwich, Robin visited Food Bear. He applied an excessive amount of pressure onto a shopping cart, causing it to crash into various objects, including a standee of Batman promoting the cereal.[1]

When Robin drove Ed into the supermarket, he unknowingly led several Jump City Police Department cruisers on a chase between the aisles, occasionally passing a standee of Batman promoting the cereal.[2]

A standee of Batman with several cases of opened boxes of Bat-O's were scattered around Beast Boy and Cyborg's apartment.[3]

When looking for Silkie, Beast Boy opened a pantry and spotted several boxes of breakfast cereal, including Bat-O's. He helped himself to a bowl of each instead of continuing his search.[4]

A box of Bat-O's was on the kitchen table when the Titans ate breakfast.[5]

While singing "Mornin'", Robin poured himself a box of cereal when singing that it would be his breakfast before he greeted Raven.[6]

A delivery truck designed with a photo of Batman and the cereal's logo passed the Jump City Museum at night before its destruction by Doctor Light.[7]

A similar delivery truck is parked outside the Jump City Bank.[8]

After they become dumb, the Teen Titans were unable to pour the cereal into their bowls with the box resting on the kitchen table.[9]

Cyborg and Painbot consume the cereal together after they refuse to be separated from each other.[10]

When bathrooms revealed their existence and detached themselves from homes, some passed by a billboard advertising the cereal brand.[11]

Two boxes of Bat-O's were stocked in an edge on Titans Tower kitchen's pantry.[12]

Boxes of Bat-O's were scattered in Beast Boy's dirty room.[13]

Cyborg's living stomach sucked in a Bat-O's delivery truck.[14]

The Titans, after turning serious, decided to eat breakfast and munched on bowls of Bat-O's.[15]


The overall structure of Bat-O's is the same with a package of cereal found inside a box roughly larger than a human hand. The logo is placed on top of a picture of Batman. A rough circle is placed behind Batman, who is holding a spoon in one hand and a bowl of cereal in the other. There are two different designs, however. One is a yellow box with the logo and Batman in a light-blue font.[1] The other is a purple box with the logo and Batman in a dark-blue font.[4]


Bat-O's are promoted in various ways. In supermarkets such as Food Bear, a cardboard standee of Batman is usually displayed against boxes of the cereal which are commonly stacked in a pyramid formation. One is placed on a platter on Batman's hand.[1][2][3] Delivery trucks are pick-up trailers with the vehicle blue and the trailer white. Inscribed on the trailer is a picture of Batman similar in design to the cardboard cutout with the Bat-O's logo by its side in blue lettering.[7][8] Billboards posted around Jump City use the same design as the ones found on the trucks.[11]



  • Bat-O's is an example of a trend where cartoon characters who become famous name a cereal after them such as Candace-O's in Phineas and Ferb and Johnny-O's from Johnny Test.


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