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Bruce Wayne




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Wayne Manor, Gotham City, United States

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Robin, Alfred Pennyworth, James Gordon, Batgirl


Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Gordanians, Darkseid


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"La Larva de Amor"

Batman (real name Bruce Wayne[1]) is a crime-fighter in Gotham City. He is regarded as one of the greatest superheroes despite lacking superpowers which he makes up for through intellect, stealth, physical training and gadgetry. At some point, he mentored Robin on his journey to become a superhero[2] alongside countless others.[3]


Batman fished with James Gordon on a ship in the Pacific Ocean somewhere between Titans Tower and Mexico. Silkie, in an empty popcorn bucket, floated by on the ocean current, but neither of them noticed Silkie.[4]

One night, Batman and James Gordon were laughing in a police cruiser parked at an alley. They paused briefly when they spot Jinx, Starfire, and Raven speed by in bumper cars, followed immediately by several Jump City Police Department squad cars. They, however, resumed laughing.[5]

According to a milk carton, Batman had gone missing. However, Starfire later found him hidden behind a portrait of himself in the Titans' wall. He waved to her and she returned the gesture and closed the portrait. As she floated away, she realized what had happened.[6]

One Tuesday, Batman and James Gordon laid on a picnic blanket in the park and laughed at the Ultimate Batarang as it displayed its light show over Gotham City.[7]

During a slumber party to help Cyborg get over his fear of the dark, the Titans traveled to Gotham City and decorated a fountain outside of Wayne Manor in Batgirl's likeness. After the Titans rang the doorbell and fled, Batman and James Gordon exited the manor and found the statue. They began laughing at the prank which lasted until the end of the night.[8]

Batman as a turkey

After he visits for Thanksgiving, Batman is transformed into a turkey.

Batman scheduled a visit to Titans Tower to join them for the Thanksgiving feast. His visit stressed Robin as he struggled to make everything perfect for his arrival. Eventually, the meal ended up in a food fight and Robin threw food at the elevator which opened as Batman arrived. As such, Robin fled the scene to avoid being confronted by his mentor. After his friends make up for their behavior, Raven and Trigon, who had visited, revealed they had transformed Batman into a turkey for them to eat.[2]

During the song, "Real Boy", Batman performed a guitar solo while Green Lantern, Nite Owl, Control Freak, the Penguin, the Riddler, Gizmo, the Joker, Robin, and Cyborg cheered him on.[1]

During the Trial of the Teen Titans, Batman stood at the courthouse's doorway and gave Robin a thumbs-up when he believed that he had acquitted the Titans.[9]

Batman was captured by Darkseid and taken to Apoklips, but rescued by the Titans (after numerous attempts).[10]

Teen Titans Go! comic series

Batman terrifies the Gordanians

Batman's intimidating nature terrifies the Gordanians.

After Beast Boy and Cyborg prank call several Justice League members, including Batman, Robin became worried that his former mentor would trace the signal back to the tower. Cyborg reassured him that he bounced the signal across six satellites and four continents, but the tower's phone rang seconds later. Robin ordered everyone not to answer it and planned an evacuation of the tower to avoid Batman's wrath. However, they are detained by the Gordanians, who were prank called by Beast Boy and Cyborg due to them wanting one last prank call. After they refused to leave and announced their plan to attack with a fleet of ships, Robin prank called Batman, but redirected the call so it appeared that the Gordanians had called him. Batman arrived in the aliens' mother ship seconds later and terrified the aliens, causing the entire fleet to leave Earth.[11]

Physical appearance

Batman is always seen with his superhero suit and cowl. His gray cape reaches the bottom of the floor even while standing while his suit is a lighter shade of gray. His insignia is placed on the middle of the his toned torso, with his abs and biceps being shown through the suit. His gloves and boots are of the same color as his his cape and extend as far back to the elbows and knees, respectively. His body is exaggerated to show off his muscles leaving his legs skinny in comparison. His face is tanned and hidden by his cowl, although his nose is pointed.


Batman is noteworthy for being a powerful superhero who is capable of defeating villainy without the use of superpowers. Instead, he relies on a variety of weapons to bring down his foes.

  • Batarangs: Batman uses these bat-shaped projectiles to attack from long distances. He was rumored to have an Ultimate Batarang to cause immense amount of damage when activated, but merely serves as a form of entertainment.
  • Grappling Hook: Batman carries a grappling hook in order to travel long distances rapidly.
  • Guitar: Batman owns a guitar in the shape of a bat.
  • Batmobile: Batman uses the vehicle as a form of transportation to reach the scene of the crimes. The vehicle also has a variety of buttons and applications to attack or delay the opponent.



Batman and Robin photo

A photo of Batman and Robin in the past.

Batman is viewed as a father figure by Robin due to the hero mentoring the Titan when he was little.[2] Due to growing up together, the two have a personal relationship that exceeds that of others. Batman also trusted Robin enough to house-sit the Batcave in, but inadvertently caused Robin to worry over every detail due to him being his former mentor.[7]

James Gordon

Batman and Gordon fishing

Batman and James Gordon fishing.

Batman is good friends with James Gordon as the two often spend time together which include fishing[4], relaxing in a squad car[5] and watching the Ultimate Batarang's fireworks in the night sky.[7] During these, they seem to be having a good time as noted by the amount of laughter they share. Gordon also spends some time at Wayne Manor.[8]


Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! comic book series


Batman The Animated Series homage
The Image Gallery for Batman may be viewed here.


  • Batman is a running gag in Teen Titans Go!, having been mentioned or referenced in nearly every episode. For a complete compilation, visit this page.
  • Batman sponsors his own cereal brand, Bat-O's.
  • At some point in his career, Batman and Superman documented the concept of a power move through video which Beast Boy and Cyborg later used as the basis for their own power moves.[12]
  • The creators have expressed interest in giving Batman a prominent role in the series during season two, being voiced by Kevin Conroy. However, there is no confirmation if this will come to pass.
  • The Teen Titans have a movie called The Dark Knight Snoozes which is a joke to the real life movie The Dark Knight Rises.


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