Titans in Batmobile

The Titans board the Batmobile.

The Batmobile is a form of transportation used primarily by Batman when heading to combat his foes. However, Robin was allowed use of the vehicle until he destroyed it after crashing.


Robin was driving the Batmobile in Jump City when he drove the car into a street light. He nervously tried to stop Batman from coming to inspect the damage, calling it a minor scratch until the vehicle exploded, which resulted in Robin's license being suspended.[1]

In the Batcave, Robin attempted to stop the other Teen Titans from using Batman's equipment against the H.I.V.E. Five. However, Starfire dragged him into the vehicle which Cyborg drove to Gotham City. During the battle, Beast Boy was slammed against the Batmobile, crippling it much to Robin's chagrin. Robin later gathered the equipment and loaded them onto the Batmobile for safety. After the battle, Robin spray-painted Joker was here onto the vehicle in order to escape Batman's wrath.[2]


  • The Batmobile in "Sidekick" does not look like the one that was destroyed in "Driver's Ed". This could mean that Batman built a better, improved one or the design wasn't finished yet.


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