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Bad Luck
"Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck, and It's Bad"




Original air date

17 March 2016

Running Time

11:18 (minutes)


1.714 (million)

Produced by
Written by

Ben Gruber

Directed by

Noel Belknap

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Teen Titans Go! - “Beast Boy’s St. Patrick’s Day Luck and it’s Bad” (clip) + bonus feature

"Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck, and It's Bad" is the twenty-sixth episode of Season 3 of Teen Titans Go! and the one hundred and thirtieth episode overall. It first aired on 17 March 2016 on Cartoon Network.


The Titans (except Beast Boy) are cursed on St. Patrick's Day and must travel to the end of a rainbow for the cure.[1]


Outside Titans Tower, the pelican is Irish dancing. Inside the tower, Beast Boy, Irish dancing as well, dances to the refrigerator and greets the Teen Titans with a weak Irish accent. Robin tells him that it sucks and he tries two more, but both Starfire and Cyborg boo him. Beast Boy tries another accent, but Raven tells him he sounds more like a pirate instead. He transforms into a parrot and perches on Cyborg's shoulder where they both say "Arrgh!" when Starfire and Raven join them. Robin, unamused, asks Beast Boy why he is speaking in terrible Irish accent. Beast Boy says that it's Robin's day - St. Patrick's Day.

Robin tells him he isn't Irish, but Beast Boy claims he is a leprechaun, a statement which Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire agree on. Robin asks why they would believe that and hides his Lepe-Charmin Cereal from view. Cyborg says it's because he's short, but Robin protests that Beast Boy is shorter. Raven and Starfire agree with Cyborg and Robin has Beast Boy stand beside him to prove that he is taller. Cyborg disagrees as Beast Boy is tilting his hand to show that he's the taller one. Raven says she sees a leprechaun in denial, but Robin protests that he isn't one. Beast Boy assures him that his secret is safe with them and Starfire says they have no desire to take his pot of gold. Robin says there isn't a pot of gold to take, but Cyborg refuses to believe him.

Beast Boy states that St. Patrick's Day is about the three L's - Leprechauns, Luck, and (his favorite) pinching. He explains that if people aren't wearing green, he is allowed to pinch them. Raven observes that he isn't wearing green, but is green which doesn't count. Beast Boy claims that his skin is green and he's wearing it. He tells the Titans to prepare themselves, because he gets to pinch all of them. Starfire tells him that Robin is wearing green, but he gives her permission to pinch him. She declines and he burns off the green parts of his suit, but she declines again. Beast Boy pinches the Titans and laughs, but the other Titans decide to pinch him. He warns them that if they pinch someone who is wearing green, they will be cursed with bad luck forever. However, the Titans ignore his warning and pinch him only to be struck by lightning.

A montage begins, containing the four Titans' bad luck, such as missing the bus, having a wrong number, and spoiled hot dogs. The Titans play blues, at a building, where it is destroyed by a wrecking ball. The montage continues; as Starfire is stung by many bees; Cyborg steps in a puddle, then is caught by an alligator; Raven cuts her finger while starting a vampire party; and Robin is struck by lightning once, then twice. An injured Starfire, a burnt Robin, an alligator-caught Cyborg, and a hood-of, vampiric Raven continue to play the blues, as the building behind them is on fire, then explodes.

Back at Titans Tower, Beast Boy plays his portable console as the rest of the Titans return in ruins; Cyborg replies Beast Boy they're cursed. Beast Boy knows, and when Robin says he's got the worst, he had to admit, he was a leprechaun, exciting his teammates. Robin stops all this nonsense, and tells Beast Boy how to get rid of the bad luck. Beast Boy refuses as to what happened earlier. After realizing that the Titans will do anything to lift the curse, Beast Boy continues to pinch his teammates. Raven questions him to get rid of the bad luck. Beast Boy admits that it was super easy: You just go to the end of the rainbow and find a leprechaun's pot of gold. Robin admits that rainbows don't have beginnings or end, but Beast Boy knows what he just said is true. He knows that, if two leprechauns fall in love, they form a rainbow. Robin, however, isn't good a leprechaun enough, so Cyborg brings in another idea.

Robin complains that Cyborg's plan is a waste of time, and that rainbows are not made from leprechaun kisses. The rest continue that the legend was true, as Raven calls him "short-stuff". Robin shouts at her that he's not a leprechaun, and to the fact that he wasn't cursed anymore, he still is. Cyborg creates a dinner for the two: corned beef and cabbage. They spot two leprechauns, one a male, and another a female. The two fall in love as they form a rainbow, which the Titans get on. They all come down on a rainbow, and the Titans (save Beast Boy) are attacked by geese.

The five find themselves into a land of green. There, they spot a leprechaun, to the fact that it was actually Robin. They also spot a pot of gold, but Rob, Rave, Cy, and Star are hit by a leprechaun before they can get one gold coin each. The leprechaun is quickly dumped, with only his pot of gold left. Starfire tells him that they will love again, as he spots Robin. The two argue, one being the fact that Robin's way taller than the leprechaun. The Titans all agree.

Robin competes with the leprechaun in a pinch duel—the only two weapons being fingers and thumbs. Robin turns into a leprechaun, complete with orange hair and an Irish accent, realizing that his teammates were right all along. The pinch begins, continues, and later ends when Robin defeats the leprechaun. Once the Irish Boy Wonder, Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg pick one gold coin, their curses is lifted. Robin chooses to stay with his new leprechaun buddy and continues his Irish life. Robin apologizes the little guy for his wife, but at least he has someone who can share all his gold for. Back at the tower, the four Titans all wonder what Robin's new life could be like.

Robin himself quickly returns, noticing that the leprechaun reunited with his wife.


For a full transcript of "Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck, and It's Bad", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut




  • Robin's parasitic twin can be seen underneath his mask. Its existence was first revealed in "The Mask".


  • Robin can be seen eating Lepre-Charmin Cereal, a parody of the General Mills cereal, Lucky Charms. Cyborg also references the cereal when he suggests chasing Robin (who he believes is a leprechaun) for marshmallows.
  • During the song, the Titans are playing musical instruments that resemble the ones used in Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.
  • The pinch fight between Robin and the leprechaun is a parody of the fight sequences found in Dragon Ball Z.


  • Beast Boy pinches Starfire because she doesn't wear green. However, Starfire is wearing a green gemstone on her suit.


Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck, and it's Bad title card
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