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This page lists all of Beast Boy's animal transformations used in Teen Titans Go!.

Season 1

"Legendary Sandwich"

  • Pig: Uses the animal to consume a sandwich when Raven says the male Titans eat like animals.
  • Mole: Used to dig to the location of the ingredient.
  • Cat: Used to break his fall.
  • Mouse: Used to avoid a punch from a Sandwich Guardian.
  • Hummingbird: Used to avoid attacks from a Sandwich Guardian.
  • Gorilla: Used to attack a Sandwich Guardian.
  • Rabbit: Used to avoid attacks from a Sandwich Guardian.
  • Crocodile: Used to bite a Sandwich Guardian's leg, but cracked all of his teeth.
  • Squid: Used to blind a Sandwich Guardian with ink.
  • Whale: Used to crush and destroy a Sandwich Guardian.

"Pie Bros"

  • Kangaroo: The animal is used to look in the pouch for any money to by the expensive video game Cyborg wants for his birthday; but unfortunately has no luck at searching.
  • Octopus: The animal is used to triple the speed of making pies, and later used to launch pies at Cyborg.
  • Dog: The animal is used to lick the dirty plates clean.
  • Hippo: Used to burp in Cyborg's Face, then later used to gather and then shoot pies launched from Cyborg's cannons.

"Driver's Ed"

  • Cat: While sleeping, Beast Boy was transformed as a cat.

"Dog Hand"

  • Mouse: Used to hide behind Cyborg.

"Double Trouble"

  • T-Rex: Used to chase and eat Cyborg in their game.
  • Cat, Elephant, Rabbit, Beaver, Toucan: Used to test the clone.
  • Turtle: Limbo.

"The Date"

  • Giraffe, Mosquito, Snake: Used to harass Robin into giving him the fortune telling paper.
  • Octopus: Used to pull in the Girl dummy.
  • Dog: Used to retrieve a Scooby Snak.

"Dude Relax"

  • Cat: Used to play with the yarn.
  • Dog: Used to play catch.

"Laundry Day"

  • Gorilla: Used to fight the Slime Monster.
  • Cat: Used to run away from Cyborg.


  • Velociraptor: Used to try to scare Robin.
  • Owl: Used to regurgitate owl pellets into Cyborg's cereal.
  • Cockroach: Used to prank Raven.
  • Gorilla: Used to try to "King Kong" Starfire.
  • Cheetah: Used to catch up with Starfire.

"La Larva de Amor"

  • Dog, Mouse: Used to search for Silkie.
  • Mutant Moth Larva (Silkie): Used to demonstrate his plan to replace a lost Silkie.

"Hey Pizza!"

  • Dog: A visual pun for "Doggy Paddler"
  • Gopher: Guess Robin's underminded group.
  • Monkey: Vent out anger for Pizza Guy's late delivery.
  • Horse: Offers to pay pizza with a pony ride.


  • Gorilla: Refused to switch out and took over Robin's position of leader.

"Girl's Night Out"

  • Dog: Suppose to howl with Robin and Cyborg after saying "Boys Night Out", then howl again together in the elevator.
  • Ox: After Beast Boy danced for their Boys Night Out, he pulled an ox of himself.
  • Gorilla: Used to eat the "Crazy Fries".

"You're Fired!"

  • Horse: Thinking what to turn into to fight against Plasmus.
  • Llama: Decided to use against the first fight against Plasmus.
  • Mouse: Used to sneak back into Teen Titans HQ.
  • Goldfish: Used to hide with Zan in a fish bowl and later used to chase after Zan in the plumbing system.
  • Fly: Used to whisper sloth into Jayna's ear.
  • Snail: Used to hi-five Zan.
  • Pelican: Used to trap Zan in his beak when he tries to join the ocean.

"Super Robin"

  • T-Rex: Used to devour Jinx.
  • Mole Rat: Used while talking to Robin.

"Tower Power"

  • Cat: Used while sleeping.
  • Monkey, Hamster, Dog, Rabbit, Humming Bird, Pig, Mouse and Chicken: Shocked after Cyborg woke him up.


  • Koala: Used to ride with Cyborg and blast themselves to the roof to ditch Starfire's offering to eat her food.
  • Hyena: The Titans would fight an evil monster in the other dimension imagined by Robin.


  • Monkey: Used to swing the disco ball in the Titans' flashback.

"Meatball Party"

  • Goat: Transforms into it to remind Cyborg he is a vegetarian and is given tofu meatballs.

"Staff Meeting"

  • Horse: Was fed a carrot by Cyborg and as a sight gag for when Robin says horseplay amongst the Titans has risen significantly.
  • Elephant: Enters the kitchen to ask the Titans for the plunger.


  • Snake: Slithers up to Terra.
  • Cat: Looks for Terra's camera.
  • Bird: Flies back up to the tower and transfers the sensitive files to Terra's flash drive.

"Artful Dodgers"

  • Snake:When he eats the dodgeballs.

Burger vs. Burrito"

  • Cat: Uses it to dance to music in the beginning and end of the episode.
  • Gorilla: To peel bananas, which Cyborg filled with burgers.
  • Giraffe: Replaces the body wash, shampoo, and soap as burritos.


  • Hamster: To run in the hamster wheel.
  • Dog: Uses to drink his water in the bowl.
  • Gorilla: Uses to jump rope.
  • Dove: Says a poem to Raven.
  • Horse: Offers Raven a "romantic" pony ride.
  • Snake: Uses it to enter Raven's room.
  • T-Rex: Battles Starfire for the scratching post.

"Colors of Raven"

  • Flying squirrel: To defeat Dr. Light.


  • Cat: When reading The Return of the Invisible Man.
  • Gorilla: During "My Book" when he says "I feel like a boss."
  • Dog: Digs holes in the tower lawn when looking for a book.

"Lazy Sunday"

  • Sloth: Transformed into the animal to take up space on the couch and refuse to let Raven sit.
  • Bird: In Cyborg's plan to obtain chili, he imagined Beast Boy transforming into a bird in order to baby bird feed him.
  • Pterodactyl: After disembarking from the T-Plane, Beast Boy transformed into the dinosaur to soar to the Community Center of Jump City.
  • Snake: Used to slither to the window of the community center and confirm that the couch is inside.

"Starfire the Terrible"

"Power Moves"

  • Squid: Used during the Power Ball Shuffle where he squirts ink on See-More then latches onto him.
  • Gorilla: Throws Cyborg's detached head during Thunder Alley Knockout.
  • Horse: Kicks Jinx during the "Centaur Kick".
  • Spider: To approach Raven to ask for help in creating power moves.
  • Porcupine: To use in the power move, the Flaming Spiked Ball of Death.
  • Triceratops: To use during the Ultimate Titans Power Move where he charges at Cyborg while Starfire rides him.

"Staring at the Future"

  • Bull: Indoor Rodeo

"No Power"

  • Toucan: Uses it to fly over the obstacle course.
  • Gorilla: Uses to open the pickle jar.


  • Bat: Used to explore the Batcave.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex: Used to fight against Batman's mechanical T-Rex.
  • Dog: Used to catch the Ultimate Batarang as if it were a frisbee.
  • Octopus: Used to combat against Gizmo, and accidentally crushes the Batmobile.

"Caged Tiger"

  • Monkey: Used to perform a handshake with Robin and Cyborg.
  • Bird: Used to sing the word bro into Cyborg's ear.
  • Dog: Used to threaten that he would urinate on the floor again.
  • Gorilla: Used to combat against Cyborg, Robin, and Dr. Light.
  • Llama: Used to attack Dr. Light.
  • Elephant: Used to attack Dr. Light.
  • Whale: Used to attack Dr. Light.

"Second Christmas"

  • Cat: Used to play with yarn and later to dance and sing fa-la-la-la-la.
  • Dog: Used to pull the Titans on a Cyborg sled.

"Nose Mouth"

  • Cat: Attempted to sleep on top of a scratching box until trapped within a box.
  • Cockroach: Robin explained how the other Titans sleep.
  • Pig: Laying on the box when Cyborg enters his room.


  • Squid: To mimic Raven's demonic form upon donning her cloak.
  • Rabbit: Hopped to view Raven's legs up close.
  • Elephant: Crushed Billy Numerous whilst doing battle.
  • Pig: Eats his food noisily, angering Cyborg.
  • Dog: Howls upon seeing Raven's exposed leg for the last time.

"Breakfast Cheese"

  • Octopus: To help Cyborg in combat
  • Gorilla: To remake the combat scene
  • Wolf: To act like an evil menace with the other Titans excluding Starfire when they are about to eat pizza.
  • Monkey: Fights with Cyborg
  • Bunny: To let Mammoth hug him

"Be Mine"

  • Bird: Perches on Terra's finger as he sings to her "By your side is where I'll be."
  • Cat: Hops into Terra's arms upon her exit and sings Fade Away.
  • Dog: Finds Terra breaking into a warehouse and later as a visual gag for the song's line, "When I walk, you walk with me."
  • Snake: Sneak into the warehouse and open it for Terra.


  • Carabao: Uses to battle against Mammoth.
  • Rhino: To toss the vehicle up into the air.


  • Pelican: Attempts to woo a girl pelican.
  • Cat: Grips the roof after scared by a chicken.
  • Tiger: Attack the mockingbirds.
  • Gorilla: Attack the mockingbirds.

"Brain Food"

  • Ostrich: Pecks at the book.
  • Alligator: Bites the book.
  • Dog: Uses beg to open book.
  • Bird: Fly away to find Raven's spell book.

"In and Out"

  • Bird: Fly Cyborg out of a hole in the floor.

"Little Buddies"

  • Shark: Uses to bite brother Blood's leg in the battle.


  • Mole: Uses to swim in gold coins.

"Uncle Jokes"

  • Pig: Transformed into one for the Pig Jig.

"Más y Menos"

  • Llama: Asking Robin while sitting on the couch with the Titans.
  • Cheetah: Chace after Más y Menos.


  • Lizard: Dancing in his dream.

"Grandma Voice"

  • Eagle: Uses to battle against Mother Mae-Eye.
  • Cat: To clean himself up.

"Real Magic"

  • Turtle: To shield himself from being hit by the magic cards.

"Puppets, Whaaaaat?"

  • Pig: Used to see if he can still turn into animals as a puppet.
  • Goose: Used to see if he can still turn into animals as a puppet.
  • Mouse: Used to see if he can still turn into animals as a puppet.
  • Lion: Used to attack the Puppet Wizard during battle.

Season 2

"Mr. Butt"

  • Dog: To dig up the yard to find Starfire.

"Man Person"

  • Gorilla: During a battle with Cinderblock.
  • Ostrich: To act manly, after getting his scar.
  • Bear: After getting his new hand.


  • Hummingbird: Used to pop Aqualad out of the bubble he was floating in.
  • Tiger: Used to attack Aqualad in his fight over Raven.
  • Octopus: Used to attack Aqualad in his fight over Raven.
  • Shark: Used to attack Aqualad in his fight over Raven.
  • Gorilla: Used to attack Aqualad in his fight over Raven.
  • Bear: Used to attack Aqualad in his fight over Raven.
  • Crocodile: Used to attack Aqualad in his fight over Raven.

"Money Grandma"

  • Ox: Combat the H.I.V.E. Five.
  • Cat: To have a cat nap on the couch.

"I See You"

  • Spider: Uses it to spy on Brother Blood


  • Bat: Used to test the return of his animal abilities.
  • Crocodile: Used to test the return of his animal abilities.
  • Elephant: Used to test the return of his animal abilities.


  • Bunny: After turning nature into a town.
  • Bat: Used to test the return of his animal abilities.
  • Chicken: Used to test the return of his animal abilities.
  • Koala: Used to test the return of his animal abilities.
  • Butterfly: Used to test the return of his animal abilities.

"Salty Codgers"

  • Old Cat: To sleep on the couch.
  • Old Fish: Passed away in the fish bowl.

"Slumber Party"

  • Cat: Groomed himself and slept on a pillow while Robin told his lengthy dare.
  • Rhino: Help Robin, Starfire, and Raven push Cyborg into the bathroom.

"Love Monsters"

  • Elephant: To help Robin and Cyborg to pull Starfire away from the twin destroyers of Azarath's box.
  • Cat: To sit behind the Titans riding a tandem bicycle.
  • Octopus: To act that nothing has happended.

"Baby Hands"

  • Gorilla: To battle against Brother Blood after recovering the Titans' memory.

"Caramel Apples"

  • Snake: To sit down on the couch.
  • Ram: Used to knock Robin into a chasm near the Earth's core to avoid being inspired.

"Sandwich Thief"


  •  Cheetah: Uses to run fastly to Cinderblock.
  • Gorilla: Uses to battle against Cinderblock, then again used to be free from the chains and lift the giant eggplant rock.


  • Horse with bird wings: Attempted to turn into a Pegasus.
  • Python: Used to crush Control Freak during battle.
  • Elephant: Used to attack the Unicorns to stop them from playing their music.
  • Pterodactyl: Used to attempt to fight the Gumdrop Goblin; unfortunately failing by being sent flying into the distance.

"The Mask"

"Serious Business"

  • Dog: To sniff around the bathroom to find out where's the right spot to pee.
  • Cat: To hand Robin the "microphone".
  • Dinosaur: To let Robin out of the bathroom.
  • Chicken: To run away after the bathroom started to separate from the tower.


  • Cat: Sleep in the living, then again used to play with his ball of yarn.

"Boys vs. Girls"

  • Cockroach: Used to escape being crushed by Raven's meteor.
  • Cheetah: Used to compete in a ten-lap race with Starfire.
  • Turtle: Used to hide from the girls' cooties.

"Body Adventure"

  • (Insect): To fly up to the big carpet.

"Road Trip"

  • Dog: Used to trace the smell to Cyborg's room and to chase a ball in a flashback.
  • Gorilla: Used to destroy the H.I.V.E. Monster Truck's bazooka.
  • Hummingbird: Used to fly back to his seat.

"The Best Robin"

  • Sloth: Uses it to eat when one of the Robins were feeding him.

"Mouth Hole"

  • Dog: To demonstrate that whistles can be used to call dogs.

"Hot Garbage"

"Crazy Day"

  • Donkey: Uses to dance in a crazy way.
  • Ostrich: Uses to dance with Cyborg in a crazy way.

"Smile Bones"

  • Snake: Uses to eat more food.

"Real Boy Adventures"

  • Hippo: To jump in the hot tub.
  • Cricket: To be Cyborg's guide, referencing Jiminy Cricket from Disney's Pinocchio.

"Hose Water"

  • Ostrich: To show Cyborg he's also a bird after Cyborg says that the chick he found is amazing.
  • Gorilla: To attack the stork.

"Let's Get Serious"

  • Dinosaur: Uses to fight against the H.I.V.E.

"Tamaranian Vacation"

  • Deer: Uses to ran away from Starfire from being tickled by her.

"Rocks and Water"

  • Fish: Uses to breath underwater to help Raven to sabotage the relationshp of Aqualad and Terra.
  • Gorilla: Uses to punch Aqualad and Terra from attacking him and Raven.

"Truth, Justice and What"

  • Bird: Uses to eat Cyborg's pizza that stuck in his mouth because of too much storage.
  • Rat: Uses to join in with the Titans dressed up as the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, referencing as Splinter in Teenage Mutans Ninja Turtles movie.

"Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp"

  • Cat: To sleep on the couch.
  • Camel: To celebrate hump day.

"Oil Drums"

  • Cat: Uses to sat down the floor because of boredom.
  • Goat: Uses to talk about the movie of animals and he wanted to follow those animals while watching the movie.

"Cool School"

  • Bird: Used to charge at Rose Wilson/Ravager.
  • Bee: To be ironic after telling Raven that she's the bee's knees.

"Video Game References"

  • Frog: To cross across the street, but is ran over and eaten by a snake.
  • Chicken: To cross across the street, but is eaten by a crocodile.

"Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt"

  • Dog: To practice saying "goal".
  • Gorilla: To throw grass up.
  • Shark: To pass the boal to Robin.
  • Cheetah: Runs across Goal's field.

"Yearbook Madness"

  • Tiger: Uses the animal for his yearbook photo on Picture Day.
  • Bird: Uses the animal to be a part of the High Flyers Club.
  • Dog: Used to pose a picture when he was voted most likely to get worms.

"Beast Man"

  • Donkey: As part of the Random Animal Rally. He miniaturized the form as per Cyborg's request.
  • Cuttlefish: As part of the Random Animal Rally per Robin's suggestion.
  • Pangolin: As part of the Random Animal Rally per Raven's suggestion.
  • Lemur: As part of the Random Animal Rally per Starfire's suggestion.
  • Horseshoe crab: As part of the Random Animal Rally per Robin's suggestion.
  • Red butt monkey: As part of the Random Animal Rally per Starfire's suggestion.
  • Human: As part of the Random Animal Rally per Cyborg's psuedo-suggestion. Spends the rest of the episode in this form until after his liberation from The Man's grip.

"Operation Tin Man"

  • Cat: Playing with his yarn in a bored way.
  • Carabao: Rescue Cyborg in the H.I.V.E Tower from being kidnapped by the H.I.V.E.


  • Goat: To hand Robin the tofu.
  • Dog: To hand Cyborg some veggie dogs.
  • Kangaroo: To hand Starfire the vegetarian chilli.
  • Beaver: To hand Raven the carrots.
  • Octopus: To hand Raven the vegetable patties.

"And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob"

  • Dog: Try to make a sound.
  • Monkey: Try to make a sound.
  • Chicken: Try to make a sound while he's in Raven's head.
  • Toucan: Fly fast with excitement after their voices came back.

"The H.I.V.E Five"

  • Rhino, Ostrich, Wolf: To have a dance competition against Mammoth.

"More of the Same"

  • Elephant: To hide under the table.

Season 3

"Cat's Fancy"

  • Bulldog: To persuade Robin to choose to be a dog.
  • Dog resembling Odie: Pants over the lasagna and is kicked off a table by Robin.

"A Farce"

  • Whale: To crush buildings while looking for Brother Blood.
  • Mammoth: To cause damage to Jump City.
  • Donkey: To knock a car toward Brother Blood.

"Animals, It's Just a Word!"

  • Cat: To turn on the weapon.
  • Dog: To eat for breakfast, sniff butts, playing cards, barking at the cat, howling.
  • Eagle: To fly up in the air.
  • Shark: To battle against the H.I.V.E.


  • Rhino: To go to the Titans.

"Two Parter"

  • Bee: Sses to steal the sandwich from Robin.
  • Bat: Uses to wear the Batman costume.

"The True Meaning of Christmas"

  • Dog: To tear the couch because of the titans are on the naughty list.

"Squash and Stretch"

  • Cat, Monkey, Snake: Uses to chase after the squirrel in the tree.
  • Wolf: Uses to imagine the squirrel would be eaten.

"Garage Sale"

  • Eagle: To fly up to the attic.
  • Cat, Mouse(past BB), Tiger: To find out if the past and present BB could have the same transformation.

"Secret Garden"

  • Eagle: To get the remote from the other Titans.
  • Snake: To get the cereal from Robin.
  • Gorilla: Punching the buildings while having the fourth stage of freak outs.

"The Cruel Giggling Ghoul"

  • Dog:

"Pyramid Scheme"

  • Dolphin: To jump out the Titans Tower window.
  • Chicken: To give birth to an egg.
  • Ox: To knock over mummies.

"Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck, and It's Bad "

  • Crab: Uses to pinch the other Titans because they aren't wearing green.
  • Porcupine: Uses to be free from Robin choking him.

"Bottle Episode"

  • Cat: Flashback hops into Terra's arms upon her exit and sings Fade Away.
  • Cheetah: Flashback runs across Goal's field.
  • Dinosaur: Uses to fight against the H.I.V.E.

"Finally a Lesson"

  • Ox: To chase after Brother Blood to evict the villains out of the apartment.
  • Tiger: To chase after Brother Blood to evict the villains out of the apartment.

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