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This page is comprised of Beast Boy's relationships with other characters in the Teen Titans Go! series.

Love interests


He and Raven seem to have crushes on each other. Beast Boy's first hint of attraction was in the episode Hey Pizza! when he flirtatiously asked her if she was going to buy a new bathing suit where she said her cloak was her bathing suit and he examines it and calls it "hot". On Raven's side, her first hint of romantic attraction was hinted at the end of Terra-ized when Cyborg said that it was crazy for Raven to be in love with Beast Boy. She scoffs but however, she turns her back and smiles lovingly at the thought of them being together. In the episode Legs, where Raven discovers her abilities of using her legs and feet, Beast Boy immediately took a major attraction towards Raven's legs once she took off her cloak. He is seen mostly complimenting or admiring them. He was amazed by Raven's dancing and outgoing personality. Though, Raven seems to ignore it but however at the end of the episode she reveals one leg just for him causing Beast Boy to morph into a dog and howl in delight. But later in the Valentine's episode Be Mine, Raven was about to admit her feelings towards him before Terra stepped in and attempted an unexpected attack. As Beast Boy joins Terra, she mumbles that she never got to express her feelings to him. She often blushes when Beast Boy talks to her in a flirty way, in the episode Pirates, Raven kissed him on the forehead while he was passed out.

Beast Boy and Raven kiss

Beast Boy and Raven sharing their first kiss.

Later, Terra and Aqualad return in Rocks and Water, when Terra told the Titans that she and Aqualad were now dating, Beast Boy and and Raven became surprised. Aqualad told Raven that he was glad he and her didn't end up together and likes seeing her single and alone. Raven quickly says she is seeing someone and then puts her arm around Beast Boy and says that he was her boyfriend, trying to make Aqualad jealous. In which they all agree to double date later that evening. Raven and Beast Boy make up a plan to pretend they were dating in order to make Terra and Aqualad jealous. On their way to the restaurant, Beast Boy showed a slight hint of jealousy because Raven still had feelings for "fish face". As they arrive at the restaurant, Raven and Beast Boy awkwardly started to flirt with one another, making Terra and Aqualad uncomfortable. Raven says they have a hard keeping their affections for each other hidden. Aqualad then gets up from the table (along with Terra) to "make-out" and leaves. For the next couple of days, Raven and Beast Boy spent the whole time trying to ruin Terra's and Aqualad's relationship but kept failing. One day, while Terra and Aqualad were sitting on the bench very angry at each other, Raven throws a rock at Aqualad and Beast Boy throws a fish at Terra, causing them to yell and scream at each other and to finally end their relationship. Meanwhile behind a bush, Raven and Beast Boy were laughing at the heated argument Terra and Aqualad were into which they caused. Beast Boy then turns to Raven and started to blush while Raven sweetly smiles back then they both leaned into each other and shared a kiss. The kiss lasted for a few seconds until Raven suddenly pulls away after realizing what was happening. Raven becomes angry at Beast Boy and was about to attack him but then realizes she actually enjoyed it and said it was "nice" which Beast Boy was happy to hear. As they both came closer again, Terra and Aqualad find them. Beast Boy tells them it wasn't a good time and snaps his fingers to resume the romantic music and he focuses back on Raven until Aqualad interrupted him. At the end of the episode after Terra and Aqualad were defeated, Beast Boy approaches Raven and asked what they were talking about before they got interrupted. Raven sheepishly states she doesn't remember. They both walk over to each other and both puckered up for a second kiss until getting interrupted by Cyborg. In Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory, Beast Boy recalls moments from a flashback that he and Raven shared together over the summer, blossoming their romance.

Screen Shot 2016

Beast Boy admiring his "steam painting" of Raven

Another example of Beast Boy's affection for Raven was in the episode Serious Business. Inside the bathroom, he revealed he "steam-painted" art on the mirror, but he "steam-painted" a picture of Raven on the mirror, and he was pretty happy about it. He kissed his hand and stated, "Perfection," before it faded away


(Former love interest/ex-girlfriend) Beast Boy had an almost obsessive love for Terra even though she obviously didn't return his affections and finds him highly annoying. Her demeanor towards him seems to of changed though, as she seems genuinely touched by Beast Boy's song, Fade Away, at the end of Be Mine. Later in Rocks and Water, Terra and Beast Boy were revealed to be briefly dating but she dumps him shortly after listening to him sing Fade Away to her over and over again which it deeply annoyed her. When she greets the Titans, Robin asked her why was she doing here but Beast Boy cuts in and tells him that he knows why she was there and started, once again, singing Fade Away to her. She immediately states to him she wants nothing to do with him and to leave her alone, which causes Beast Boy emotional pain. Terra states she has a new boyfriend and Raven tells to Beast Boy to move on which to everyone's surprise it was Aqualad. Soon, Beast Boy agrees to follow Raven's plan to try to make Terra and Aqualad jealous on their "double date" but fails every time in the process. At the end, after Terra and Aqualad finally broke up, they both agreed to destroy Raven and Beast Boy. As they both charged, Beast Boy punches them with his gorilla fist as they were in mid-attack as Raven opens up a portal to the trash hole underneath, which Terra and Aqualad both fall in.



Beast Boy and Cyborg have a really close relationship. They are practically brothers and hang out together a lot. They love pizza and waffles. Inside the second episode of "Teen Titans Go!", Beast Boy and Cyborg got into a fight because Beast Boy was working at the same place Cyborg was having his party, so Beast Boy could get the game "Bubble Bots." Beast Boy's original birthday gift was a drawing of him riding on Cyborg

The Return of Slade Image19

Beast Boy and Cyborg's close relationship

They both love eating. It is proved inside Smile Bones. In this episode, they eat like animals and don't savor their food until their bellies grow so big, they grow eyes, mouths, arms and legs and do things against their own will.


The rest of the little buddies


Mother Nature






Beast Boy doesn't seem too fond of Aqualad possibly due to his brief crush on Raven. In the episode Pirates, Beast Boy seem to get along with him due to their similarities of dislike eating meat. Aqualad asks him if it was usual to eat other people's friends. Beast Boy replies only when they are hungry otherwise they are pretty cool. Especially Raven. Then he gives her a quick wink. By mistake, Aqualad thought Raven was a guy which angered Beast Boy and then he runs over to her and pulls down her hood to revealing to Aqualad that she is actually a female. Aqualad immediately took an attraction towards her and offered to talk to her. Beast Boy thinking of Aqualad to be his wingman, he happily encourages him. It all ended up to Beast Boy's surprise that he was asking Raven out for himself which made Beast Boy to dislike him. After Raven left for her bedroom after she got back from her date with Aqualad, Beast Boy (as hummingbird form) and popped Aqualad's bubble which caused him to land safely in the bushes. Aqualad asks Beast Boy what he was doing and Beast Boy started to yell him saying to lay off "his girl" and makes his intense face but passes out. Later in the episode, Raven demanded a "fight to the death" between the two boys and whoever wins gets to take her on the date. Aqualad made it clear that he didn't want to fight Beast Boy for her.

Beast boy punching aqualad

Beast boy attacking Aqualad

Beast Boy then suddenly explodes with anger and rage and attacked Aqualad with no mercy. When Beast Boy was about to finish Aqualad off Raven called off the fight and teleported everyone back to the tower and Aqualad was rushed to the hospital due to Beast Boy's extreme beatings.


During the events of Rocks and Water, Beast Boy and Raven started making fun and tricking Aqualad and Terra, which led into Beast Boy starting to hate Terra.


When Beast Boy finds out Jayna is going to replace him, he gets Zan to help him get her fired. As for Jayna's side, it is unclear what her opinion on Beast Boy is.

The Brain

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