Beast Boy is a shape-shifting superhero member of the Teen Titans. Capable of transforming into any animal (which retains his green skin), he serves as the jokester of the team due to his immaturity. (read more...)

Season 1

"Legendary Sandwich"

"Pie Bros"

"Driver's Ed"

"Colors of Raven"

"Lazy Sunday"

"Nose Mouth"


"Breakfast Cheese"

"Real Magic"

"Puppets, Whaaaaat?"

Season 2

"Man Person"



"The Mask"

"Serious Business"


"Boys vs. Girls"


"The Best Robin"

"Mouth Hole"

"Hot Garbage"

"Robin Backwards"

"Crazy Day"

"Smile Bones"

"Real Boy Adventures"

"Hose Water"

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