Beast Boy and Raven's first kiss02:59

Beast Boy and Raven's first kiss.


Beast Boy and Raven In Rocks and Water

This is the page of the coupling Beast Boy and Raven and why they like each other.

Beast Boy's Hints

  • He wanted Raven to be his valentine in the episode Be Mine.
  • In the episode Pirates, Beast Boy was jealous when Raven kissed Aqualad's cheek and when Aqualad started flirting with Raven.
  • In Rocks and Water, he kissed Raven. (Technically twice, but the second was an 'almost').
  • In, Matched, he put in a lot of effort convincing Raven to love him.

Raven's Hints

  • In Man Person when Beast boy got a robotic arm, Raven called it 'hot'.
  • In Be Mine, she wanted to share with Beast Boy her true feelings as Beast Boy kept sticking with Terra and Raven did not have a valentine but it was too late as Terra started an attack.
  • In Terra-ized she was actually jealous in the end of Beast Boy wanting to be with Terra.
  • She saved Beast Boy from being crushed by a huge boulder in Terra-ized.
  • She kissed Beast Boy's forehead in Pirates.
  • In Rocks and Water, she kissed Beast Boy. (Technically twice, but the second was an 'almost').
  • In Be Mine Raven comforted Beast Boy when he found out that Terra hated him.


  • They both are the same height. (And the shortest between the rest of the titans.)
  • They both dislike the same people.


  • Beast Boy
  • He is slightly less mature than Raven.
  • He hangs out more with the titans, especially Cyborg.
  • He is quite open about their relationship.

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