Beat Box
Beat Box
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Mutated boombox


Titans Tower, Jump City, California, United States

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Birdarang, Robin, Cyborg, Dave, Painbot, Super Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire


Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Brain's soldiers

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  • Actor
  • Little buddy
Behind the scenes
First appearance

"Power Moves"

Beat Box is a mutated boombox who was originally owned by Cyborg, but after being merged with Robin's staff, developed a living consciousness. Soon after, it became a member of the Little Buddies.



Beat Box is created

Robin and Cyborg celebrate Beat Box's creation.

After discovering power moves, Robin took Cyborg to the Titans Tower Garage to create more power moves. Robin merged his staff with Cyborg's boombox by slamming it into one of the speakers. After a few seconds, the staff merged with the boombox, acting as its arms and legs and created Beat Box. The two, along with Birdarang and Beat Box, danced along to Beat Box's music. When Robin decided to move into Cyborg's body, they took Birdarang and Beat Box on a stroll around Jump City. Birdarang's quips and Beat Box's music eventually annoyed Cyborg.[1]

Life as a Little Buddy

Titans dance to Beat Box's music

The Teen Titans danced to Beat Box's music.

On Valentine's Day, Beat Box stood on a tree stump and played music for the Teen Titans as they danced to celebrate the holiday.[2]

When Cyborg refused to give up Painbot as his little buddy, the Titans agreed to a Little Buddy Showdown in order to determine who gets to keep their little buddy in Titans Tower. When it was their turn, Robin told Birdarang and Beat Box to remember the plan and they nodded in confirmation. However, Beat Box began playing music and was subsequently crushed by Painbot's hammer while Birdarang was flicked away by the robot.[3]

Beat Box and Birdarang later became the stars of their own television series which was watched by the Titans.[4]

Rescuing the Titans

Little Buddies

Beat Box accompanied the Little Buddies on a suicide mission to save the Teen Titans.

One day, when Beat Box and Birdarang arrived at Titans Tower, they were greeted to a surprise birthday party for them prepared by the Titans and other Little Buddies. During the party, however, the Titans received a distress signal and left to combat the threat. Beat Box, alongside the rest of the Little Buddies, danced for eight months straight. Eventually, Super Robin noticed a distress signal and Birdarang reported to the others that the Titans had been captured. Beat Box agreed to accompany Dave, Birdarang, Super Robin, and Painbot on a suicide mission to save them.

The Little Buddies infiltrated the Brain's HQ, but were confronted by Monsieur Mallah and easily captured. While they were in a cage strapped to Monsieur Mallah's back, Beat Box was reminded about how well the Titans treated it and broke free alongside the others, defeating the gorilla. The Little Buddies pinpointed the location of the Titans, which was guarded by the Brain's soldiers. Beat Box distracted the soldiers by playing his music and dancing, allowing Painbot to sneak up and electrocute them from behind.

Beat Box's sacrifice

Beat Box sacrifices itself to save Birdarang.

After they reunited with the Titans, the Little Buddies were confronted by the Brain, who attached himself to a robotic suit capable of harnessing the Titans' powers. Birdarang and Beat Box danced together while the others fought the Brain, but were soon spotted. When a projectile aimed at Birdarang neared its target, Beat Box jumped in the way and took the blast, dying as a result. Its death motivated Birdarang to activate an android suit and defeat the Brain, thereby freeing the Titans. As the Titans and Little Buddies gathered around Beat Box, Cyborg removed the boombox's batteries and replaced them with some of his own. However, it proved to be ineffective until Cyborg realized that one had been put in the wrong way. Upon switching it, Beat Box immediately jumped in the air and played its music which the two teams danced to happily.[5]


Due to being an object, Beat Box cannot display any real emotion, but its actions and mannerisms hint at the feeling it is attempting to convey. Beat Box likes to have fun as shown when it is dancing to the music it or someone else plays. However, it doesn't seem to know when to act serious as shown when it danced alongside other Little Buddies during a stealth mission and when it and Birdarang danced while the others combated the Brain. Beat Box, however, cares about its friends as it willingly sacrificed itself to save Birdarang from being destroyed.[5]


Beat Box is a boombox with steel arms and legs which are derived from Robin's staff. The boombox is a rectangular silver box with a strap on top for carrying. Circular amplifiers are placed on the center of the box, acting as eyes. The one on the left has a hole due to Robin's staff entering the boombox through there. Underneath the amplifiers are purple knobs on either side of the stereo. On top of the amplifiers are gauges that show how loud the music is playing.


  • Music: Beat Box is able to play music tracks that the Titans and other Little Buddies dance to and control the volume through the knobs.


Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! comic series



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