Billie Hayes
Billie Hayes
Billie Hayes in 2004
Gender:   Female
Date of birth:
April 11, 1932
Place of birth:
Duquoin, Illinois, USA
Actress, Voice Actress, Singer
Characters portrayed:
Mother Mae-Eye
Other projects:
See Biography and filmography

Billie Hayes is an American actress who reprised her Teen Titans part of Mother Mae-Eye in her second appearance in "Grandma Voice" (her initial appearance in "Pie Bros" is essentially silent).

Teen Titans Go! credits

Character information: Mother Mae-Eye

Notable Works

Mother Mae-Eye in Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans

Virginia/Georgia in The Batman

Granny Applecheeks in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

One Eyed Sally in Johnny Bravo

Granny Whammy in Darkwing Duck

Orgoch in The Black Cauldron

Witch (from "Hansel and Gretel") in Bewitched

Weenie the Genie in Lidsville

Witchiepoo in H.R. Pufnstuf

Maw in The Monkees

Pansy "Mammy" Yokum in Li'l Abner



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