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This article is about the little buddy. For Robin's birdarangs, see List of Robin's equipment.
Biographical information

Mutated birdarang


Titans Tower Garage, Jump City, California, United States


Titans Tower, Jump City, California, United States

Physical description
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Eye color


Relationship information

Beast Boy, Beat Box, Cyborg, Dave, Painbot, Raven, Robin, Starfire, Super Robin


Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Brain's soldiers

Professional information

Little Buddy, Weapon, Actor

Behind the scenes
First appearance


Voiced by

Scott Menville

Birdarang is a talking birdarang who was created by Robin and Cyborg through the use of combining one of Robin's birdarangs and Cyborg's motherboard in order to create a power move.


When Cyborg and Robin created a power move, he came to life.


Birdarang is very upbeat and always greets everyone with some variation of "What's up, fellas?" He often makes quick remarks such as "That's redonkulous!" after something zany happens. He is usually pretty neutral when it comes to combat, preferring instead to dance his way out of confrontation. However, he will attack in order to protect his friends if the need arises.

Birdarang spends most of his time with Beatbox as they both enjoy dancing. He is extremely loyal to his friends and is shown to have a good relationship with each of the Titans including the other "Little Buddies" In the episode Brian, Birdarang is shown to be extremely upset when Beatbox is damaged by the Brain and uses this anger to aid in combat.


Birdarang has the ability to fly and uses this ability to get around. He has two forms as seen in the episode "Brian". In addition to his normal form, Birdarang has the ability to transform into a robotic version of himself. In his standard form, Birdarang can do little more than poke at his opponents; however, in his robot form, Birdarang is extremely agile, possesses laser vision, and can detach and throw his own head in the form of a smaller birdarang. He is seen using these abilities in the episode "Brian".


Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! comic book series



  • Birdarang debuted in "Books", but his creation was detailed later episode, "Power Moves".


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