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"Filthy mockingbirds."
Robin insulting the Mockingbirds.

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Original air date

26 February 2014

Running Time

11:11 (minutes)


1.767 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Story by

Sean Kreiner, Jeff Mednikow, Dave Stone

Teleplay by

Sean Kreiner, Jeff Mednikow, Dave Stone, John Loy

Directed by

Luke Cormican

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Teen Titans Go! "Birds" Preview Clip

"Birds" is the forty-second episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go! and the forty-second episode overall. It first aired on 26 February 2014 on Cartoon Network. This episode chronologically takes place after "Opposites", but before "Be Mine".


Robin removes two mockingbirds from the chimney with a gas he created in his lab. But the chemical mutates the birds into muscular bullies who then move into the tower.[1]


The Teen Titans are gathered in the living room when the alarm begins to blare creating chaos around the room as each of the heroes (save Raven) begin to mistake the alarm for a fire. Raven sighs at the disruption of her meditation and activates the control panel, restoring order and deducing the alarm is reporting a chimney blockage. The Titans wonder which one of them cleans the chimney as Robin begins to walk off. However, he is spotted and sent to investigate the blockage much to his protest. On the roof, Robin is disgusted at spotting two mockingbirds using the chimney as their nest. He insults and compares them unfavorably to the robin, which he remarks as dignified. Robin shouts at the mockingbirds to flee, but they mock him in response. Angered, Robin attacks with the chimney sweep, but the mockingbirds drag him into the chimney and beat him up before throwing him out. Robin smiles suggestively as he remarks he can play dirty too.

Robin creates a poison which he dubs birdy-cide and drops it into the chimney, expelling the mockingbirds. They land in the bushes where the two begin to mutate. Robin continues cleaning the chimney when he is alerted to laughter emitting from the lawn. Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg are entranced by the two mutated mockingbirds and gawk at them as they show them their muscles. Robin arrives to investigate and is informed by Cyborg that the Titans heard the music and were greeted by the birds, which they deem cool. He is then introduced to the birds by Starfire. However, they mock him causing Robin to realize they're the birds he kicked out. Raven questions his action as she finds the two to be cool, but Robin explains they weren't when he unleashed the birdy-cide which he deduces to be the cause of their mutation. The blue mockingbird flirts with Starfire and shoots lasers from his eyes, frying Robin. The Titans awe at the mockingbirds as they leave Robin behind the grass while the blue mockingbird continues to shoot lasers.

In the living room, the orange mockingbird entertains the Titans by mimicking bird sounds. When Raven suggests a robin, the bird proceeds to mock the Boy Wonder instead of the species. Robin wonders why the Titans are encouraging filthy birds but is surrounded by the two who each hold up a fist, spelling the sentence, Your Dead Meat Robin. Terrified, Robin scampers away. He walks to his room where he finds that the mockingbirds have made it their new nest as revenge for getting kicked out of the chimney. Robin exclaims it's his room, but the two decide to show their dominance over Robin and peck him into submission as he falls onto the floor. Later, while the blue mockingbird is lifting Raven and Starfire and the orange bird performs push-ups with Beast Boy and Cyborg on his back, Robin announces his decision to leave the Tower but they ignore him. Dubbing Robin's departure as a permission to have fun, the mockingbirds decide to throw a bird party.

The seagull serves as the deejay to the bird party which consists of actual birds. The blue mockingbird flirts with another bird much to Starfire's anger as Beast Boy is unsuccessful in wooing a pelican. Raven tells Super Robin to leave her alone as he attempts to win her affections, and knocks him away with a demonic punch. Cyborg, surrounded by dookie and shaved seagulls, begs for the birds to leave him alone which they do once the blue mockingbird throws trash for them. The next day, Beast Boy is scared awake by a chicken and slips onto a pile of trash and dookie. The blue mockingbird wakes up and pecks at his feathers, leaving the molten ones on the couch much to Starfire's disgust. The mockingbirds enter the kitchen and spot Cyborg about to eat an egg sandwich which they beat him up for. Upon returning to the living room, the mockingbirds put on a nature documentary but it's interrupted by the report of another chimney blockage. The mockingbirds send the Titans to take care of the problem.

On the roof, Starfire expresses her dislike for the mockingbirds as Raven admits that Robin was right about them. They investigate the chimney and find a bearded and deranged Robin inhabiting it. Robin doesn't remember them, but the Titans remind him of their status and beg for him to help them get rid of the mockingbirds. Robin asks why should he and Cyborg remarks they need him to lead them. Returning to his youthful appearance, Robin calls the Titans to battle. Cyborg shoots lasers around the roof and they crash in front of the mockingbirds. They exclaim they got rid of him, but Robin states the tables have turned and mocks them. Robin charges into battle, but is punched senseless by the blue mockingbird who is attacked by Beast Boy. Raven uses a demonic punch to attack, but the orange mockingbird ricochets it back at her. Cyborg and Starfire fire at the bird, but he summons lasers to divert them. The Titans continue to charge, but are punched aside by the mockingbirds' combined forces. The orange mockingbird unleashes a sonic cawk which propels the Titans back and destroy the Tower's glass structure.

Cyborg notes the mockingbird's resistance while Starfire wonders how Robin got them out last time. He throws a can of birdy-cide to Cyborg who fires it at the birds and mutates them. The mockingbirds transform into superior beings with large brains who remark they have evolved into the birds of the future. They note the foolishness of violence and consider themselves superior for declining to partake in it. Robin seizes the chance to attack and drives them out of the tower as he insults them one last time. In his room, an egg begins to hatch on the mockingbirds' nest and fills the screen with a green light.


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Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Orange Mockingbird  
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Tom Kenny Blue Mockingbird  
Non-speaking roles
Super Robin
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut




  • Robin once again attempts to avoid chores ("Laundry Day").
  • Those attending the Bird Party include: the seagull, the chickens from Robin's chicken dance ("Super Robin"), the goose from Cyborg's birthday ("Pie Bros"), and Super Robin ("Super Robin", "Lazy Sunday").




Birds title card
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