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The Bizarro Titans are superheroes from Bizarro World and the exact opposite of the Teen Titans. Their leader is Nibor.


Believing that they needed structure and training, the Bizarro Titans decided to kick Nibor out of the team as he would always lounge around. Eventually, Nibor decided to protect Jump City from crime, but helped people who weren't in dire situations such as evacuating a building he believed was on fire. His presence attracted the Teen Titans whereupon Robin introduced him as his Bizarro World counterpart. After Nibor decided to rescue a leashed dog, Robin decided to take him back to Titans Tower. Once there, Beast Boy was unable to comprehend his backwards speech and Cyborg and Starfire attempted to help him understand through a game. Afterwards, Robin attempted to read from his rule book, The Rules of Robin, but Nibor performed the opposite of those rules, action which were followed by the other Titans. The next day, the Titans informed Robin that they had elected Nibor as their new leader. Feeling unappreciated, Robin traveled to Bizarro World where he met with the Bizarro Titans, consisting of Boy Beast, Erifrats, Grobyc, and Nevar. He wondered how he hadn't thought of coming there sooner as the Bizarro Titans were everything he wanted from his team; the opposite.

Titans and Bizarro Titans fight over Robin

Annoyed by Robin, the Bizarro Titans and Teen Titans fought over who got stuck with him.

Robin asked the Bizarro Titans if he could be their leader and they agreed. Through his rule book, Robin trained Grobyc, Boy Beast, and Nevar, but his compliments were perceived as insults due to their backwards speech. Eventually, they grew annoyed by Robin and plotted to find a way to get rid of him and get Nibor back. Erifrats volunteered an idea and the Bizarro Titans tricked Robin into visiting the real world so he can boast on how much they loved him. However, Raven reminded him that they spoke backwards and Robin realized that they actually hated him. The Bizarro Titans demanded Nibor back and pushed Robin towards them, but Cyborg informed them that they didn't want Robin back and pushed him back. The two teams fought for a brief while on who got stuck with Robin until Nibor ordered them to stop. Nibor realized that how much the Bizarro Titans loved him, and, after kissing Erifrats, decided to return home with them.[1]



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