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"I'll show you I can help. I'm gonna make myself smart!"
Beast Boy declaring to prove his worthiness.

The Smartist
"Brain Food"




Original air date

5 March 2014

Running Time

11:11 (minutes)


1.859 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

John Loy

Directed by

Aaron Horvath, Scott O'Brien

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Teen Titans Go! "Brain Food" Preview Clip01:15

Teen Titans Go! "Brain Food" Preview Clip

"Brain Food" is the forty-third episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go! and the forty-third episode overall. It first aired on 5 March 2014 on Cartoon Network.


Beast Boy is tired of being the least intelligent of the Titans. When all of his efforts to get smart fail, he uses Raven's spell book to cast a spell - not to make him smarter, but to make all of the other Titans dumber.[1]


Beast Boy drops the vial

Beast Boy after dropping the vial of water.

An astronaut repairs a satellite dish when an asteroid destroys it on its path to Earth. The Titans witness the spectacle through their monitor causing Robin to assign Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg jobs to prepare for the space rock's destruction. Beast Boy eagerly asks for a for a role in helping to destroy the asteroid and is tasked to hold a vial of water Robin claims will be used for experiments. Ecstatic, Beast Boy begins to dance but drops the vial causing the others to praise him for trying. He questions them for speaking to him as a little child and they attempt to inform him of his lack of comprehension. However, Beast Boy is unable to process their sayings until Robin bluntly tells the shapeshifting Titan he isn't smart. Beast Boy protests against this and begs for a chance to prove his aid, but is assigned into bathing Silkie. Walking away, Beast Boy promises to become smart to prove the Titans he can help as Silkie vomits.

Beast Boy heads to the library but finds himself unable to open the door until Raven exits the room. Inside, Beast Boy taps on a Math book but it refuses to open until Robin informs him to pull, not push. Beast Boy opens the book, but begins reading it upsidedown. He heads to the kitchen and prepares himself fish for lunch as it's brain food. However, he shoves the fish through his ear as Cyborg way he's in horror. While Raven attempts to learn about the asteroid, Beast Boy approaches her and asks if her spell book contains an incantation to make one smarter. Robin suspects him of being up to no good, but Raven reassures that Beast Boy will be unable to open the book. In his room, Beast Boy fails at opening the book until remembering to pull, not push. Upon finding the spell, he aims the book at his brain and utters the spell. However, it zaps Silkie instead and grants the larva glasses in the process. He decides to use a child's toy to test his smartness, but places the circular pillar into the square hole. Unsatisfied, he resolves to turn the other Titans dumber to seem smarter and chants the spell before checking to see if it worked.

In the living room, Cyborg draws the Titans' attention to the seagull outside the window. He and Robin attempt to catch it but slam into the glass which Beast Boy makes fun of. Cyborg and Starfire remark that windows are dangerous before Beast Boy realizes that the spell works and dances alongside the other Titans in celebration. Silkie turns his attention to the screen and is alerted to the asteroid. He activates a tube that transports him to a secret base underneath the island and begins constructing something to combat the threat.

The next day, Beast Boy finds the Titans unable to pour their cereal and helps them by informing the bowl was placed upside down. After being complimented, he celebrates being the smartest Titan on the team. Meanwhile, Silkie continues to construct his project as he realizes he only has twelve minutes to complete it. Raven attempts to place the circular pillar into the square hole when Robin asks Beast Boy where his shoe is. Beast Boy tells him it's on his foot but Robin in unable to find his foot due to it being inside a bucket. Silkie continues to construct his robot as Beast Boy helps Raven fix her coat. He slaps his hands over his eyes in frustration causing Cyborg and Starfire to wonder how he turned invisible. Upon removing them, they cheer at his reappearance. Robin calls on Beast Boy's aid annoying the Titan until the Boy Wonder points at the asteroid.

Seeking this as a chance to prove himself, Beast Boy attempts to lead the Titans but is unable to read the control panel. He admits his mistake of wanting to be smart but is encouraged by the others to not give up. Remembering his brain food, Beast Boy shoves a banana in his ear and concentrates, expanding his brain a tiny portion. He deduces that the asteroid is hurling toward them because of gravity and claims it to be controlled by the ocean. As such, he orders the Titans to kill the ocean and destroy gravity in order to send the asteroid home.

The Titans punch various marine animals and objects, but the asteroid continues to hurl toward them. Silkie finishes construction on his project - a robot based on the likeness of him and confronts the asteroid. He shoots missiles but is slammed back by the space rock. Silkie regains the robot's balance, punches, and destroys the asteroid with a laser. However, the Titans praise Beast Boy for leading them through his intelligence, but he decides to undo the spell and asks for Raven's spell book. Raven proceeds to spell book but has difficulty much to Beast Boy's frustration.

Back in Titans Tower, the Titans pour cereal on their upside down bowls. Cyborg asks Beast Boy for help, but the shapeshifting Titan reveals he cast a spell to make him dumber than them. Raven asks why he didn't make the others smarter instead but Beast Boy replies that he doesn't know and he likes it that way. The Titans are distracted by a butterfly and decide to catch it, but run into the window.


For a full transcript of "Brain Food", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Non-speaking roles
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • This episode reveals that Titans Tower houses a library.
  • Trigon is referenced when a note on Raven's spell book says "To Raven -- Love, Dad."
  • This is the third episode to be the number one program viewed in its initial broadcast.
  • Running Gags: Beast Boy dancing. The Titans entranced by a butterfly.
  • Food Content: After turning dumb, the Titans are unable to pour cereal into their bowls.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Caged Tiger".


  • Third time Beast Boy uses Raven's spell book ("Double Trouble", "Meatball Party").
  • Fifth episode where Raven is seen without her hood ("Laundry Day", "Meatball Party", "Power Moves", "Legs").
  • Fifth episode with the Riddler question mark ("Parasite", "Staff Meeting", "No Power", "Legs").
  • A library appears in the episode, but the Titans were unable to find new books to read in the tower during the events of "Books".
  • The versus title card is used for the fourth time, pitting Silkie against the asteroid ("Laundry Day", "Parasite", "Terra-ized").


  • Seven of the Riddler question mark appears around the asteroid.
  • A Batman poster in the library quotes, "Swear to Read!", a parody of a line used in Batman Begins, "Swear to me!".
  • Luchador Bane appears on a page in Raven's spell book for an apparent strength-boosting spell.
  • Psimion appears on a page in Raven's spell book for an apparent intelligence-boosting spell.
  • A chibi Atom appears on the Science graphic.
  • The Demon, Etrigan appears on a page in Raven's spell book.


  • When Silkie glances at the countdown, it reads twelve minutes. However, when he checks the time again, it read eighteen minutes.
  • When Raven looks at Robin saying that he can't find his shoe, her eyebrows are missing.


Brain Food title card
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