"Thanks to our many encounters, I've prepared for every possible contingency."
— Brother Blood gloating.[1]

Greetings Titans
Brother Blood
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Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Robin, Starfire, '60s Robin, Dark Robin, Girl Robin, Super Robin


H.I.V.E. Academy

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  • Headmaster of the H.I.V.E. Academy

Mind control, telekinesis, engineering

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John DiMaggio

Brother Blood is the headmaster of the H.I.V.E. Academy, a powerful psychic, and an enemy of the Teen Titans.


As a result of her newfound ability to easily defeat villains with the use of her legs, Raven left the Teen Titans and embarked on a solo career as Lady Legasus in order to protect Jump City. While on her crime-fighting spree, Lady Legasus confronted Brother Blood and used a boot-a-rang in order to defeat him.[2]

In an attempt to gain control of the Titans Tower's weapon arsenal, Brother Blood set up base in the Jump City Weapons Depot and sent out a distress signal to lure the Titans to him. When Robin, Starfire, and Raven arrived to investigate, he quickly unveiled his scheme and imprisoned them in a cell which nullified their abilities and prevented them from escaping. After their initial refusal to grant their voice recognition codes in order to obtain the weapons, Brother Blood introduced them to Painbot and the three Titans reluctantly handed over their codes. He later interrupted Beast Boy and Cyborg in the middle of karaoke and baited them into infiltrating his warehouse. Upon their arrival, he quickly evaded their attacks and summoned Painbot to capture them. However, while at the mercy of his henchman, Beast Boy and Cyborg refused to give up their codes and left Brother Blood frustrated whenever they said waffles as part of their game for the day. Eventually, Robin, Starfire, and Raven sang a reprise of the Waffles song and drove Brother Blood and Painbot away with annoyance.[1]

Brother Blood was confronted by the Titans on the streets of Jump City where he was savagely beaten by each of them. Grinning, he summoned Painbot to destroy them, with the robot nearly succeeding until Robin's birdarang exploded in front of the villain, seemingly killing him and neutralizing his control over the robot.[3]

While he ate a sandwich, Brother Blood was spied on by Beast Boy and Cyborg during a stakeout, but the pair constantly made themselves visible by declaring that they could see him.[4]

Brother Blood returned to Jump City in another attempt to destroy the Teen Titans. He set up an invention at the top of a building and terrorized the city by firing lasers to nearby skyscrapers. The Titans arrived at the scene and Robin promised that they would defeat him again. To their surprise, Brother Blood agreed and called them the greatest superhero team of all time. He also praised their teamwork, causing the Titans to think that he was messing with them. However, Brother Blood revealed that it was their teamwork that fueled his latest plan. He explained that he created a device to amplify his mind control so that he could erase the Titans' memories, thus destroying their teamwork and allowing him to take over Jump City. Robin leaped to stop him and his staff destroyed the machine, but Brother Blood managed to press the button, releasing a beam that zapped the other Titans. He gloated to Robin about his success, but Robin thanked the villain after he realized that he'd be able to teach the Titans to respect him. Annoyed by his reaction, Brother Blood stormed off. That night, Brother Blood raided the Jump City Weapons Depot and tested out his looted weapons by firing on the Teen Titans, who had arrived to stop him. Robin, who had taken advantage of the Titans' lost memories, apologized and showed them his baby hands to restore their memories. With their memories restored, the Titans worked together and easily defeated Brother Blood.[5]

Brother Blood later kidnapped the Jump City Council, but was stopped seconds later by Team Robin. He performed another crime in an attempt to lure the Teen Titans into a trap, but they were quickly captured by rope, causing the villain to berate them for failing so easily. He activated the Death Circle to kill the Titans, but it proved to be too slow and Brother Blood left the scene to check on a few things around the warehouse. He returned, and was shocked to spot '60s Robin, Girl Robin, and Dark Robin who had been called to rescue the Titans. He pressed a button to summon Hurtbot and it defeated the Robins and tied them up alongside the Titans. He relished witnessing the end of the Titans and Robins only for Super Robin to arrive. He unplugged the machine, destroyed Hurtbot, and tied up Brother Blood, who cursed him.[6]

During another confrontation in the Jump City Weapons Depot, Brother Blood planned to use the Titans as pawns to establish a new world order, but his inventions proved useless against the Titans. As he was experiencing stomach problems, his flatulence knocked Robin unconscious and he was able to take control of the other Titans. Before he could enact his plan, his stomach acted up again and he left to use the restroom. When he returned, however, he noticed that the Titans had left. Some time later, Brother Blood used fortune cookies to control the Titans' minds as he noticed that people were desperate to be told what to do. Robin discovered his plan when the fortune cookies became too specific, but Brother Blood was confident that his plan would succeed as he had eaten healthy to avoid any stomach problems. However, Robin used other novelties to get the Titans to attack Brother Blood and kicked him into a cage.[7]


Annoying Brother Blood

Usually charismatic, annoyance leads Brother Blood to frustration.

Brother Blood is a charismatic and intelligent being. When confronting the Teen Titans, he greets them with mock-respect and acknowledges them as old friends despite their roles as enemies. When faced with stupidity, this charisma falters and he begins to shout and express his anger as shown when he grew frustrated with the Titans only saying waffles[1] and when the Titans foolishly allowed themselves to get captured.[6] He also has a knowledge with machinery due to being able to construct a cage that hinders the Titans' abilities[1], robots capable of inflicting massive injury with its own destructive machinery[1][6], a machine capable of erasing minds.[5], and helmets to amplify his mind control.[7] Brother Blood holds an affinity to his creations as demonstrated when he petted Painbot and longed for a chance to use it.[1]

Physical appearance

Brother Blood

Brother Blood's physical appearance.

Brother Blood is a physically fit aging man with balding white hair stylized in three different directions like points. He has heavily marked black bags underneath his eyes and stands in a upright posture at all times.

His attire consists a black battle suit with gold waist ties. On his hands and legs are gauntlets and boots with a matching shade of red. A red breast plate bearing a gold insignia of Brother Evil is a similar shade of red as his gauntlets and boots with a gold outline and collar.


Brother Blood holds several psychokinetic powers along with several other skills that aid him in battle.

  • Energy blasts: Brother Blood is able to attack with pure energy blasts.
  • Extreme agility: Brother Blood demonstrates quick and unfaltering movements when graciously dodging Cyborg's attacks.
  • Mind control: Brother Blood is capable of persuading his enemies into succumbing to his needs.
  • Telekinesis: Brother Blood is able to move things with his mind.
    • Telekinetic barriers: When attacked, Brother Blood was able to stop Cyborg's laser with a shield derived from his telekinesis.
  • Inventing: Brother Blood proved to excel in mechanics as noted through the invention of Painbot, a cage limiting the Titans' abilities, and a mind-erasing machine.


Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! comic series


  • Brother Blood is the third of six prominent supporting characters in the original Teen Titans series to appear on Teen Titans Go! after Trigon and Terra.
    • He was the fifteenth and eleventh nonspeaking villain from the series overall to appear. As of "Waffles", he was the second nonspeaking villain to speak.


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