"Certainment! I am the Brain. This is ---- the criminally twisted Madame Rouge ---- the simian genius, Monsieur Mallah ---- Phobia, the mistress of fear ---- and Plasmus, whose burning touch means death!"
Brain introducing his team to Jump City.[1]

Welcome the Brotherhood
Brotherhood of Evil
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"Idol Hands"

The Brotherhood of Evil is a team of supervillains led by the Brain.


Teen Titans Go! comic book series

The Teen Titans studied their competition in a reality tv talent show, Jump City's Got Your Talent Right Here!, and deduced that one act was to precede them whereupon the host introduced the Brotherhood of Evil. Robin and Starfire became disturbed by the name of the group as the host suggested for The Brain to introduce himself and his associates. For their talent, he revealed that he'd be singing a capella medley of Lady Gaga songs while the others performed an interpretive dance. Not wanting to witness the spectacle, Robin ordered the Titans to attack. He and Cyborg ganged up against Plasmus, Raven fought Madame Rogue, Starfire trapped Phobia, and Beast Boy chased after Monsieur Mallah and The Brain. Eventually, Monsieur Mallah was subdued underneath Plasmus while Madame Rogue and Phobia were trapped underneath one of the show's signs. In an act of victory, Robin kicked The Brain off the stage and declared that the Teen Titans ruled only to be reminded that he had to face the evaluation of the judges first.[1]

The Titans confronted the Brotherhood of Evil on the streets of Jump City. However, before they could battle, Robin's fangirls trampled the Titans and dragged Robin away.[2]



  • Only two of its members, Madame Rogue and Phobia, have not made an appearance in Teen Titans Go!.


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