But Games Can Never Hurt Me digital cover
"But Games Can Never Hurt Me"
Written by

Sholly Fisch

Art by

Jorge Corona

Color by

Jeremy Lawson

Letters by

Wes Abbott

Cover by

Dan Hipp

Edited by

Alex Antone




DC Comics

Date of publication
  • 7 September 2014 (digital)
  • 15 October 2014 (print)
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"But Games Can Never Hurt Me" is the eleventh issue of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series. It was released digitally on 7 September 2014 and in print on 15 October 2014 by DC Comics.


What happens when Cyborg and Beast Boy plug into their sweet new game console into the Tower's mainframe computer? It's mayhem! It's madness! It's ... TOTALLY AWESOME![1]


Beast Boy and Cyborg are playing Invasion of the Bubble Bots 4 which has a motion-based interface that makes it seem as if they're actually inside the game. Cyborg sees a bot and shoots the television with his sonic cannon, destroying it. Beast Boy gestures to a pile of broken televisions and chides Cyborg for destroying six already, but he reminds Beast Boy that he destroyed two with his elephant feet. Beast Boy corrects him by telling him they were hippo feet, but drops the subject by telling Cyborg that they should get another TV. Cyborg informs him that they don't have another one, but suggests using Titans Tower's Central Computer Mainframe instead. Cyborg notices a pile of violent video games next to the mainframe and Beats Boy loads all of them into the holographic mainframe computer that runs the whole tower. When the computer asks if they want to play a game, Beast Boy corrects it by pressing a button that allows them to play all of the games. The computer, however, transports the game into the tower, making it come alive.

One of the games, Space Destroyers, is level one and the destroyers chase Beast Boy and Cyborg into the hallway. Cyborg runs into a shirtless Robin, who wants to talk to Cyborg about the laundry room. Cyborg tells him it's not a good time as he's being attacked by tiny spaceships, but Robin refuses to believe him. He begins chiding him for using starch on his cape when a spaceship destroys it. Robin wonders where the spaceships came from, but Cyborg claims to not know and runs off. Robin raises his staff and demands to know where Cyborg is going when he is confronted by a gladiator from Lethal Gladiatorial Warfare 6.

Meanwhile, Beast Boy is being chased by monkeys from Gorilla City Rush Hour and turns a corner where he promptly transforms into a gorilla. He tells them that the boy went another direction and the monkeys run off. Beast Boy transforms back into his human self and praises himself for his shape-shifting abilities and his experience in playing Gorilla City Rush Hour. Beast Boy spots Starfire flying toward him and fears that she’s being chased by monkeys. However, she reveals that she is instead being chased by birds. Beast Boy transforms into an ostrich and runs after Starfire as the birds pursue them.

Cyborg walks down the hallway, having lost the destroyers, when he comes across giant candy from Candy Crunchmeister. He prepares to eat it when more giant candy begins falling from the sky. Cyborg notes that the same thing happens in the game and begins running as giant candy drops around him. In her room, Raven is meditating when Bubble Bots from Invasion of the Bubble Bots 4 trap her in a bubble. She floats out of her room wondering why things like this always happen when she's trying to meditate. She floats past Cyborg, who greets her as he is still pursued by giant candy dropping from the sky. Raven then floats to where Robin is battling the gladiator. Robin grabs the warrior's neck when the gladiator unsheathes his battleaxe, unknowingly freeing Raven from the bubble. She uses her magic to electrocute the gladiator, knocking him out much to Robin's disappointment as he claims he had things under control.

Robin and Raven stand in the hallway when they notice Cyborg run past them while chased by giant candy. Soon after, Starfire and Beast Boy race past them as they are pursued by birds. Eventually, Bubble Bots walk past them as well. Robin orders all the Titans into the living room where they are joined by the birds, monkeys, Bubble Bots, giant candy, and the gladiator. Robin orders them to duck as the video games begin attacking one another. Starfire notes that the duck allowed the games to defeat one another and asks about the next water fowl the Titans should perform next. Robin accuses Beast Boy and Cyborg for the mess, but Beast Boy says they're only responsible for creating an awesome game. Robin scolds the two for not listening to him when he warned them not to put video games into the tower's mainframe. Cyborg tells Robin that all they have to do is wipe the games off the computer server. Robin implores them to do it fast, but Beast Boy says that they already beat them all. Robin reminds them that what happens when they all the menaces in a video game and the computer initiates level 2. As the enemies rise again, Starfire hopes that they have enough ducks available.


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  1. Teen Titans Go! (2013-) #11. Read DC Entertainment (2014-09-07). Retrieved on September 7, 2014.

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