"I'm not ready to go just quite yet, ya little punk!"
— Captain Cold to Robin.[1]

Captain Cold
Captain Cold
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"Cold Blooded"

Captain Cold is an enemy of the Flash and the Teen Titans. He uses an ice gun that is capable of freezing temperatures to absolute zero.


Teen Titans Go! comic book series

Frozen by Captain Cold

Captain Cold freezes Robin, surprising the Teen Titans and himself.

Captain Cold arrived in Jump City which alerted the Teen Titans into action. While the others had no knowledge of his identity, Robin informed them of his name and launched the Titans into battle. However, Captain Cold zapped Robin with his gun and the hero was encased in a large block of ice, shocking both the villain and the Titans. When questioned of his abilities to freeze people, Captain Cold confided that he didn't know he could as the Flash usually avoided his blasts due to his speed. Enraged, Starfire said that they had to defeat Captain Cold. Beast Boy, as an elephant, proceeded to trample Captain Cold until the villain raised a white flag, signifying his defeat.[1]

Captain Cold was among the villains who was invited and attended the Titans' Party Party. While he initially sought to leave due to finding the party boring, he ultimately stayed once Starfire broke the tension and danced with Gizmo. He danced at the party and cheered on Gizmo during the limbo contest. When Robin ordered the villains to leave, Captain Cold refused until the Titans kicked him and the others out by force.[2]


Teen Titans Go! comic book series


  • Captain Cold is the third non-Titan villain to appear in Teen Titans Go! media.
  • Captain Cold signed Starfire's yearbook, telling her to "stay cool".[3]


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