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Teen Titans, Kid Flash

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"Staff Meeting"

Cinderblock is a giant monster created from bricks and an enemy of the Teen Titans.


Cinderblock was confronted by Robin (who was depressed after the destruction of the hero's staff) on the streets of Jump City. He was attacked by a birarang, but became annoyed by Robin's demeaning attacks, such as a "sad punch" and a "frowny kick," and punched him off of his shoulder.[1]

Cinderblock led a dodgeball team known as the Blockheads, but was defeated by the Team Titans.[2]

Cinderblock attacked the Jump City Rail Yard, and was obsereved by the Teen Titans. Instead of heading out to stop him, they were forced to stand down as Robin had decreed that, on Mondays, villains could only be defeated with motorcycle. As Robin was the only Titan to own that vehile, Cinderblock was attacked and defeated by a "wheel punch".[3]


Physical appearance



Teen Titans Go!



  • Cinderblock was the tenth villain and eighth nonspeaking villain from 2003's Teen Titans to appear on Teen Titans Go!.
  • Cinderblock was an original character created forthe first TV series. He has since been introduced in the mainstream comics.


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