"It's just a little head cold. I don't need to get rest."
Robin reassuring the Titans.

Cold Blooded digital cover
"Cold Blooded"
Written by

Merrill Hagan

Art by

Jorge Corona

Color by

Jeremy Lawson

Letters by

Wes Abbott

Cover by

Dan Hipp

Edited by

Alex Antone




DC Comics

Date of publication
  • 12 February 2014 (digital)
  • 19 February 2014 (print)
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"Cold Blooded" is the fourth issue of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series. It was released digitally on 12 February 2014 and in print on 19 February 2014 by DC Comics.


After a fight with Captain Cold, Robin comes down with a cold himself! Running a high fever and quarantined from the rest of the Titans ... the madness begins to set in![1]


How to unfreeze Robin

After being frozen by Captain Cold, Robin's fate is debated by his teammates.

The Teen Titans begin battling with Captain Cold in an attempt to get him out of Jump City. Robin orders the Titans into action, but Captain Cold freezes him with his gun. The other Titans are in shock as Beast Boy wonders how he could freeze people. Captain Cold answers that he guesses as The Flash usually just avoids his blasts. Starfire yells that they must defeat Captain Cold and Beast Boy does so by stepping on him as an elephant. Cyborg inspects the ice and wonders how they'll get Robin out of it. Beast Boy suggests playing ice hockey with the block, but Raven asks how that'll help get Robin out of the ice. Cyborg suggests opening a snow cone stand and chip away the ice from the block when selling which would eventually free Robin. Raven suggests dumping Robin into the ocean and letting Aqualad deal with the problem, but Beast Boy says that they should dress up like they're from the future and tell Robin that years had passed since he was frozen. Cyborg agrees with Beast Boy, but Starfire announces that Robin is free from the ice after she uses her powers to free him much to Beast Boy's disappointment.

At Titans Tower, Starfire asks Robin how he is feeling and the leader sneezes loudly. Starfire theorizes that Robin's time in the ice left him with a cold and tells him to rest. Robin protests that he doesn't need rest, but Cyborg agrees with Starfire, protesting that since he's only a head, the mucus would affect him more than the others. He and Starfire attempt to push Robin into his room as Starfire says that they'll need him in case there's another attack. At that moment, the crime alert blares and Robin begins to call the Titans into action, but sneezes into Raven's cloak. Raven uses her magic to levitate Robin into his bed and remove the mucus. Starfire has Robin promise her that he won't leave his bed until he's better and he promises. Cyborg checks the Titan Computer and informs Beast Boy that Plasmus is attacking a harbor while Mammoth is robbing a bank downtown. Robin arrives on his bed, which is now equipped with wheels and various weapons. He tells the Titans that evil won't wait for heroes to get better. Beast Boy transforms into a tiger and slashes the tires, preventing him from going. Robin protests that he wants to help as Starfire implores him to get better.

The Titans return from the battle and Starfire immediately heads to Robin's room which is littered with empty orange juice cartons and tissues. Robin, sicker, tells Starfire that he's fine and asks for a hug from Starfire, but she makes an excuse and leaves. She tells the others that they must find a way to make him better. Raven sarcastically wonders how they'll do that, but Cyborg claims to have a solution. He presents a chart and explains that their enemy is the virus and that they must enter Robin's body to extract it. Beast Boy wonders how they'll do that and Cyborg explains that Beast Boy would shrink into a microbe, enter Robin's body, and look around. He hands a device for Beast Boy to swallow and gives Raven a communicator in order for the two to be able to relay information. Starfire attempts to feed Robin chicken noodle soup, but he refuses and protests the plan as Beast Boy wrecks everything outside his body and would mess up his inside. Beast Boy responds that it's not a pleasure and Cyborg orders him to enter the body. He shrinks into a microbe and enters the chicken noodle soup for Robin to swallow.

Beast Boy claims not to know where he is when he's only in his mouth. Raven expresses annoyance while Starfire informs the others that Robin had fallen asleep. Raven instructs Beast Boy to head down his throat. Beast Boy ends up in an artery and yells at Raven to tell Starfire to head away from Robin as his heartbeat increases whenever she's close and he's in danger of being sucked in. He makes his way to his brain and steps around until Raven tells him to get out of there. Beast Boy makes it to Robin's foot and finds a bat-shaped object he mistakes as the virus. Raven informs Beast Boy that it's a GPS tracker and he continues to explore. He tells Raven that he doesn't know where he is and she tells him he's in Robin's large intestine and screams in disgust. Cyborg tells Raven to tell Beast Boy to hurry as Robin's getting sicker.

Beast Boy finds the virus, in the form of a yellow insect, and wonders how to fight it. Cyborg angrily reminds him that Robin makes him train all the time, but Beast Boy remarks that he doesn't have limbs. Cyborg tells him to do anything, but orders him not to use his powers. A large crash is heard and a Beast Boy-shaped lump appears in Robin's arm, but he only asks if he got the virus. Beast Boy exits Robin's body and Cyborg tells him that he killed the virus, but broke Robin's arm in the process which Beast Boy says is not a big deal. Starfire reminds Beast Boy that Robin reacted extremely with only a cold and asks how he thinks he will react when he discovers he has a broken arm, but Beast Boy tells her that he has it covered. He explains that the part of the brain that he stepped on was Robin's recent memories and that he'll be able to perform the plan he wanted since he was frozen. Raven tells Beast Boy that he's diabolical while she and Starfire watch him with tearful eyes.

A few hours later, Robin wakes up dressed in a Nightwing costume and asks how long he's been out and why his arm hurts so much. He opens his eyes to find Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven dressed in new costumes. Beast Boy explains that Captain Cold broke his arm and encased him in a block of ice. He explains further that it took several years to revive him. Cyborg furthers the ploy by claiming to be a member of the Justice League, has the the ability to enter any computer on the planet, and that there are now three kinds of dessert pizzas. He says that it's unbelievable and Raven agrees. Robin tells the Titans to tell him that he wasn't gone long enough for Starfire to join a new team. Starfire is unable to answer and dons a concerned look as Speedy has his arm around her.


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Beast Boy
Captain Cold  
Non-speaking roles
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  • It is revealed that Batman planted a GPS tracker inside Robin.



  • The Flash is mentioned by Captain Cold.
  • Beast Boy appears in his Prime Earth incarnation.
  • Cyborg appears in his New 52 incarnation.
  • Robin appears in Dick Grayson's original black and red Nightwing costume.
  • Speedy appears wearing a blue cap, referencing his Red Hood and the Outlaws incarnation.



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  1. Teen Titans Go! (2013-) #4. Read DC Entertainment (2014-02-12). Retrieved on February 12, 2014.

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