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"Cold Blooded/Transcript"
Issue 4
Digital Release: February 12, 2014
Printed Release: February 12, 2014
Writer: Merril Hagan
Art by: Jorge Corona
"Idol Hands"
"Party Party"
Robin (featured)
Starfire (featured)
Beast Boy
Captain Cold
Jump City
Titans Tower
Plot Point
Robin trapped in ice
This transcript is incomplete.


[The Titans are preparing to engage someone dressed in a parka, holding a gun.]
Cyborg: Who's this dude? Parka King?
Robin: It's Captain Cold, and we need to get him out of Jump City! Titans, GO!
Captain Cold: I'm not ready to go just quite yet, ya little punk! [blasts Robin with the gun, freezing him in a block of ice]
Cyborg: Whoa.
Beast Boy: Dude, you can freeze people solid?
Captain Cold: Um, I guess so? Usually The Flash just runs around my blasts. He's, uh, pretty, pretty fast.
Starfire: We must take down this Cold Commander!
Captain Cold: Uh-oh.
[Moments later, Beast Boy, as an elephant, has Captain Cold pinned down. Captain Cold is waving a white flag.]
Beast Boy: Captain Cold's down.
Cyborg: Now how do we get Robin out of this ice?
Beast Boy: We could just take him home and play hockey on top of him until he melts.
Raven: How would that get him out?
Beast Boy: I don't know. I just really want an air hockey table.
Cyborg: We could have a fund raiser where we sell Robin snow cones and I shave ice off the block bit by bit until Robin's free.
Raven: I say we just dump him in the harbor and let him float out to see. Let Aqualad figure it out.
Beast Boy: What if we all dress up like we're from the future and when Robin gets out of the ice, we make him think that decades have passed him by while he was trapped?
Cyborg: Amazing! Let's do that one.
Starfire: Friends, Robin is free from the ice!
Beast Boy: Awwww, I wanted to do my plan.
[Cut to Titans Tower]
Unseen Titan (Starfire?): How are you feeling now, Robin?
Robin: I'm not sure, I think the block may have... may have... *AH-CHOOOOO!* [sneezes all over Cyborg and Beast Boy]
Starfire: Oh, no! Robin, I think your time in the ice might have made you sick. You need to get some rest.
Robin: It's just a little head cold. I don't need to get rest.
Cyborg: Yes, you do! I can't have your head cold spreading! [removes his head] All I have left is head! I can't have all that mucous dripping down into my delicate wire-y parts! I'll short out!
Beast Boy: Dude! We'll call you Snot Rocket!
Robin: [trying to resist being pushed into his room] I'm totally fine. I don't need to rest!
Cyborg: Just get some shut-eye, dude.
Starfire: We need you better in case something happens in Jump City.
[As soon as Starfire says that, an alarm goes off]
Starfire: Uh-oh.
Cyborg: I knew you jinxed us as soon as you said it...
Robin: An alarm! Titans... Gah... Gah... Ahhhhhh... [grabs Raven's cloak and uses it as a tissue] *CHOOOOO!*
Raven: Tell me you didn't just sneeze into my cloak! [grabs Robin with her magic and and sends him to his room, also using magic to remove the snot from her cloak] Go to your room and rest!
Starfire: Robin, please promise me you'll stay in bed until you get better. We need you on the team.
Robin: All right, Star. I promise I'll stay in bed until I'm better.
Starfire: Thank you, Robin. Now I must rejoin the team and save the city.
Beast Boy: So who are we fighting?
Cyborg: It's pretty bad out there, Beast Boy. Plasmus is attacking the harbor, but Mammoth is also trying to rob a bank in downtown.
Beast Boy: What do we do?
Robin: I'll tell you what to do.
Cyborg: Oh man. You promised...
Starfire: RObin, you promised to stay in bed!
Robin I am in bed! In fact... [Robin's bed is now on wheels, and has weaponry sticking out] I'm in the Ultimate Battle Bed.
Cyborg: The Ultimate Battle Bed? More like the only battle bed. This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen.
Robin: Hey, evil doesn't wait for a hero to feel better. Sometimes you have to roll into battle in a different way.
Beast Boy: [in tiger form] Yeah, well, good luck rolling into battle with no tires. [punctures one of the tires with his claws]
Robin: HEY! I don't want to be sick! I just want to help!
Starfire: Robin... Please, just get better.
Beast Boy: Those guys weren't so tough.
Starfire: I wonder how Robin is doing. [flies to Robin's room] Robin? Are you in here?
Robin: Starfire? Is that you? Great idea making me stay home. I'm all better now, thanks to you. [Robin is revealed from the shadows, showing he's even worse than before] Come here and give me a hug.
Starfire: [cringes, then puts on a tight smile] Um, okay. I will give you the hug. I just... need... Please excuse me for just a moment. [quickly flies back to the others] We need to find a way to make Robin better. As quickly as possible.
Raven: How are we going to do..
Cyborg: I know what to do.
[Cut to Cyborg, dressed as a professor, standing in front of an anatomy chart of Robin]
Cyborg: Our enemy is the cold virus inside Robin. So in order to win, we must fight our enemy on his territory.

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