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[Episode begins by A truck of Bat-O's past by a museum, then Dr. Light destroy the museum and holding a mysterious prism]

Dr.Light: (Laugh evilly)

[The T-Plane come]

Dr.Light: Titans!

Robin: Ok Titans, to take down Dr. Light I need your best. Your best one liners, Titans go!

Beast Boy: (Jump out of the T-Plane) It's lights out for you Dr.Light. (Turn into a flying squirrel,attack Dr.Light in the face )

Dr. Light: (Grab Beast Boy throw him in the air and blast him)

Cyborg: Light about to have his busted out (Turn into a rocket blaster)

Dr.Light: (Take a bom and throw it on Cyborg, and the bom explode)

Starfire: The Dr. Light shall need a docter when I am compete with him (Try to attack Dr.Light with super speed and her starbolt)

Dr.Light; (Avoid Starfire and reflect his light blast to a lamp and reflect to a statue and hit Starfire)

Starfire: Owwwch

Dr.Light: (Laugh evilly)

Raven: (Appear behind Dr.Light, snap her finger and a portal came from underneath Dr.Light)

Dr. Light: (Fall to the portal while accidently tossing the prism to Raven and land on the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility, and make a angry face)

Raven: (Catch the prism)

[The T-Plane come and Robin came out from it)

Robin: Great job Raven, but where's the one liners?

Raven: (Approach Robin) This is stupid, how's that?

Robin: Ehhh really should have the word light or docter in it.

[The screen cut into the front of the T tower.The Titans came out of the elevator, while Robin play with the prism]

Robin: Now that Dr.Light is back in prison and the museum has destroyed, I wonder what we should do with this? (Toss the prism to Beast Boy)

Beast Boy: (Catch it)

Raven: Well if I we're you I probably won't be messing with it.

Robin: Easy there Raven.

Beast Boy: (While playing with the prism) Yeah, what got you all worked up (Toss the prism to Starfire)

Starfire: (Toss it to Cyborg)

Raven: I'm not worked up.

[The prisim almost fall but Cyborg catch it, and toss it to Robin]

Robin: Owwww, sorry (Catch the prism) it's hard to tell what you really feel without delivery sometimes (Toss the prism)

(Robin and Cyborg keep tossing the prism to each other)

Raven: But you should really stop passing that thing around like a ball.

Cyborg: You need to calm down! You are out of control! (Scan Raven) Oww, you're good, you're not mad (Toss prism to Starfire)

Starfire: You are at least excided about the butt kicking of the Dr.Light yes?

Raven: Wooooooh.

Starfire: Was that exciment or your true marking have the sarcastim? (Kick the prism to Beast Boy)

Beast Boy: (The prism hit his head, and it's start glowing) Uhhh, guys I think this thing just turn on or something, you take it (Toss the prism to Robin)

Robin: I don't want it (Toss the prism to Cyborg)

Cyborg: Ah uh (Toss the prism to Starfire)

Starfire: Weeeeee, I love this game (Toss the prism to Raven)

Raven: (Get trap in the prism) Oh ow (The prism shatterd into pieces)

Robin,Starfire,Beastboy,and Cyborg: (Gasp)

[The prism pieces started to spin around and release five diffrent Raven]

Beast Boy: Oh noooooooooooo, we just split Raven into four version of herself.

Robin: Actually there's five Raven's now.

Beast Boy: Are you sure cause

Robin: Go ahead Beast Boy we'll wait

Beast Boy: Uhhhhh,zero,one,two-

Cyborg: Adtdtddtdt, you don't start at zero when you count

Beast Boy: Really? Huh, than five it is. Oh nooooo, we just split Raven into five version of herself

Cyborg: You okay Raven? Ssssssssss.

Red Raven: I told you to not mess around with that thing (Slap Cyborg)

Cyborg: Owww

Pink Raven: Free, Free (Hug Silkie and let him off), I'm freeeeee

Grey Raven: (Appear from under the couch) I don't like it here (Go back to under the couch)

Purple Raven: What not to like (Kiss Beast Boy on the cheek)

Orange Raven: (Barp, fall)

Robin: Seems the prism has divided into the five core parts of her personality, purple is her passion

Cyborg: Red is her Rage

Starfire: Pink her happiness

Beast Boy: Orange he lazyness

Robin: And grey is her timidity

Starfire: Well, at least now we know what the Raven's are thinking

Cyborg: (Hug Starfire, Robin, and Beast Boy)This is gonna be awesooome(Let go of Starfire, Robin, and Beast Boy) just think five Raven's in battle

Robin: Hahhh, maybe having five different Raven around won't be such a bad thing after all

Red Raven: (Slap Robin)

Robin: Awwww

[The screen showing Later on the Couch. Cut the screen to Raven emotion with the Titans and Silkie except Cyborg doing diffrent things]

Cyborg: Time to watch everybody favorite action movie-

Red Raven: (Use her power to crush Cyborg)

Cyborg: Awwww

Red Raven: It's not everybody favorite movie, it's just yours jerk

Cyborg: Now you just normally said whatever but you, you said what on your mind I LOVE IT!

Red Raven: Oh, and I Hate it that you scream all the time! (Punch Cyborg)

Cyborg: Awwww, good to know

Robin : Well everyone likes horror movies,right?

Grey Raven: (Nod's no)

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