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Control Freak
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Jump City, California, USA

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Teen Titans

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"Nose Mouth" (dream, no lines)

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Alexander Polinsky

Control Freak  is a villain who uses an assortment of gadgetry to foil the Teen Titans.


Teaching the Titans a lesson

Control Freak imprisons the Titans

Control Freak imprisoned the Teen Titans in an episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus to teach them a lesson of nonviolence and friendship.

Control Freak was attacked by the Teen Titans on the streets of Jump City where he was constantly bombarded with attacks. He eventually landed next to Raven and gawked at the new episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus where they discussed the show's strong message of friendship instead of violence to solve problems. His conversation was cut short by the other Titans, but Control Freak activated a remote control and transported each of the Titans into the Pretty Pretty Pegasus episode. He explained that the Titans must discover a way to escape or be imprisoned in the episode forever. Control Freak watched the Titans' interactions with the characters of the TV show, and after they managed to learn the power of friendship and escape, he congratulated them on learning a lesson. However, Robin quickly ordered the Titans into action and all, but Raven, attacked him.[1]


  • Remote: Control Freak possessed a remote with the capability of transporting others into a television program. Once zapped by the remote, the series acts like an alternate universe of sorts, able to interact with the fictitious characters and change their personalities or affect the show's events.[1]


Teen Titans Go!


  • Control Freak's first appearance is in "Nose Mouth"
  • He is a fan of Pretty Pretty Pegasus (same thing to Raven and Robin),yet he didn't know the plural of "Pegasus" until Raven told him.
  • Control Freak was the thirteenth/fourteenth and ninth/tenth nonspeaking villain from the 2003 TV series Teen Titans to appear on Teen Titans Go!. As of "Friendship", he was the fourth nonspeaking villain to speak.


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