Raven: Ohh. I really need some peace and quiet today. (Raven walks into the living room, then Robin acts crazy in front of Raven.) Dah! What was that?              Robin: That, Raven, was.. crazy!                                                                                  Raven: What's today?                                                                                                   Titans: CRAAAAAZY DAAY!                                                                                        Beast Boy: Look! Eating cereal with forks. What? La la la la la! Milk in yo face!       Cyborg: How does the milk stay on the fork? It doesn't! It doesn't!                            Starfire: Oh! I have the big shoes! It makes my mind drive me crazy!                         Raven: Today is not the day for this! (Raven goes into her room.) Ugh! Why do the have to do crazy day when I have this STUPID HEADACHE?! Ugh! What's going on?

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