"We must travel to the lair of the Dairy King and drink the infinity milk from his immortal udder! This map shows where he lives, but my eyes are too watery to read it!"
Raven quoting the Dairy King's information on Ancient Legends.[1]

Dairy King
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Teen Titans

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"Spice Game" (only appearance)

The Dairy King is a minor character in Teen Titans Go!. He is a giant cow whose udders are immortal.


After eating the ghost pepper with Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg and that normal milk didn't work, Raven reads Ancient Legends, giving information on the Dairy King. Robin leads the four into the Dairy King's lair, while the four scream throughout the journey. Crushed when they first come in, Robin comes in to defeat the cow, but it kicks him back – Robin suggested that it copied all his predictable moves. Once he puts a pinch of salt in his mouth, he goes berserk and uses his grappling hook to squirt out the milk for BB, Cy, Star, and Rave. The cow then falls of the left side.[1]

Physical appearance

Just a normal cow, complete with brown eyes, spots throughout his body, and a hump.


The Dairy King gains immortality on his udders, squirting out milk even when he's not eating.


Teen Titans Go!


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