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Titans Tower, Jump City, California, United States

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Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, Birdarang, Beat Box, Painbot, Super Robin


Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Brain's soldiers

Behind the scenes
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"Little Buddies"

Dave is a wolf who, despite his feral nature, was adopted by Beast Boy and allowed to live in Titans Tower. As Beast Boy's pet, the wolf became a member of the Little Buddies.


Little Buddy Showdown

When Beast Boy objected to Cyborg's adoption of Painbot, Cyborg reminded Beast Boy that he brought him a wolf and gestured to Dave, who was busying himself by eating out of the fridge. Beast Boy reassured Cyborg that Dave was fine, but the wolf dragged Robin away and began to maul him, much to Robin's protests as he pleaded for Beast Boy to call him off. However, Beast Boy assumed that the two were playfully wrestling. After Cyborg returned to Titans Tower with Painbot, he declared that he wouldn't get rid of Painbot unless the others got rid of their little buddies as well. Beast Boy defended Dave by calling him off limits as Dave once again dragged Robin into the living room to maul him. During the Little Buddy Showdown to determine which little buddy could stay in Titans Tower, Dave was the first to go up against Painbot, and fearlessly attacked until he spotted the robot's machinery and ran off.[1]

Rescuing the Titans

Dave attended Beat Box and Birdarang's surprise party at Titans Tower and snarled when Birdarang announced his name. When Robin attempted to recite a speech he wrote for his little buddies, Dave dragged the hero off and was thanked by Raven. After the Titans left to handle a threat, Dave and the other little buddies partied for another eight months. Super Robin spotted an alert regarding the Titans' capture and Dave, along with the rest of the Little Buddies, agreed to head out and save them. However, when they arrive at the Brain's HQ, Painbot began blaring music, causing the Little Buddies to dance and attract the attention of Monsieur Mallah. Super Robin attempted to combat the gorilla, but he simply trapped the rescuers in a cage. As they were hauled off by Monsieur Mallah, Birdarang encouraged the Little Buddies not to abandon hope and reminded them how nicely the Titans had treated them. Dave and the others broke out of their cage and defeated Monsieur Mallah. After Beat Box and Painbot distract and electrocute the guards, Dave accompanied the Little Buddies inside where they found the Titans in a holding cell. However, at that moment, the Brain unveiled Project B.R.I.A.N. and charged at the Little Buddies. Dave pressed a button on his collar and a metallic wolf head emerged, surrounding his head. He attempted to crunch on the Brain, but the villain simply grabbed the two ends of the metal head and tossed him aside. After Birdarang defeated the Brain, Dave danced alongside the Titans and Little Buddies, celebrating their successful mission.[2]


Physical appearance




Teen Titans Go!


  • Dave was the only Little Buddy who debuted in "Little Buddies" as all those other buddies made earlier episode appearances.


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