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"I'm warning you, your teeth are your source of dignity. You sell your teeth and there will be consequences. Creepy, creepy, consequences."
Raven to the other Titans.

Titans missing teeth
"Dignity of Teeth"




Original air date

13 August 2015

Running Time

10:58 (minutes)


1.828 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Ben Gruber

Directed by

Noel Belknap

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"Leg Day"



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"Dignity of Teeth" is the third episode of Season 3 of Teen Titans Go! and the one hundred and seventh episode overall. It first aired on 13 August 2015 on Cartoon Network.


When Beast Boy gets a stack of cash from the Tooth Fairy, against Raven's advice the other Titans start knocking out their own teeth to get some of that sweet Tooth Fairy money.[1]


Robin opens Beast Boy's mouth

To demonstrate bad oral hygiene, Robin uses Beast Boy's mouth.

Robin enters the kitchen to see the other Titans eating a cabbage, garlic, and onions stew cooked by Beast Boy. He says the combination sounds dangerous and is hit by the foul-smelling breaths of the Titans as they offer some to him. Disgusted, Robin tells the Titans to brush, but they assume he meant brush their hair. He tells them to brush their teeth, but they begin using hairbrushes to do so. Frustrated, Robin tells them to use tooth brushes, but Starfire is shocked to learn about them. Beast Boy says he didn't know teeth had hair on them until just now, but Robin explains teeth do not have hair, but that brushing them is the cornerstone of good oral hygiene. Cyborg, insulted that baseball pitcher Oral Hygiene was called "good" begins describing the pitcher's highlights, but Robin clarifies that he didn't mean that oral hygiene. He opens Beast Boy's mouth to demonstrate his terrible oral hygiene and finds a broccoli behind a tooth which he takes a bite out of. Upon further inspection of Beast Boy's mouth, Robin finds a cavity and begins poking it until Beast Boy tells him to stop. Robin informs Beast Boy that he has to remove the cavity or die, but Beast Boy refuses.

Cyborg decides to explain the situation to Beast Boy and says he'll get paper money from the Tooth Fairy if he removes his tooth. Raven scoffs at the thought of the Tooth Fairy, calling her a creep for sneaking into a room and collecting teeth when she doesn't even know what she does with them. Robin believes she uses the teeth as jewelry, Cyborg theorizes she's trying to find teeth that fit her mouth, and Starfire believes she dresses them up and plays with them like dolls. Robin asks if Raven never put a tooth under her pillow and she claims to have not as she doesn't do business with creeps. Beast Boy says that he does and asks for help in removing his cavity. Robin gladly obliges and hits him with his staff until he spits the tooth out. That night, Beast Boy places the tooth underneath his pillow and begins to sleep when the Tooth Fairy arrives. The next day, he wakes up and sees that his tooth has been replaced with a wad of cash. He wishes that he lost more tooth after seeing the amount of money.

Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire decide to punch their teeth

Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire decide to punch out their teeth for money.

Beast Boy approaches the Titans while wearing shades and he explains that he bought it with the money he received from the Tooth Fairy. However, when he speaks the Titans notice that he's missing most of his teeth. Cyborg says that he looks wrong and Starfire compares him to a jack-o'-lantern. Beast Boy says that Raven still thinks he's cute, but she punches him. He grabs a tooth that falls out and says that it's going under the pillow next. Robin realizes that Beast Boy has been intentionally losing teeth and Raven asks if he isn't bothered by doing business with someone who's using his teeth for unknown reasons. Beast Boy says he only cares the he get paid and flashes a stack of cash, stunning Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire. He explains that the Tooth Fairy pays more for permanent teeth and the three punch out a tooth each. Raven warns that their teeth are the source of dignity and that doing business with teeth will yield creepy consequences. However, Cyborg scoffs off her warning as they're going to be rich.

In his room, Robin throws a birdarang at his teeth in order to take out teeth and get money. Cyborg invents a Detoother 5000 which punches teeth out of his mouth. Starfire flies to space and shoots herself mouth first at the tower's lawn. After receiving their money and losing many of their teeth, Robin dons a sailor suit, Cyborg gets gold-encrusted armor, and Starfire buys jewelry. 15 teeth later, Raven is sitting on the couch as the other four Titans attempt to sneak up on her. Robin notes that Raven still has teeth left and Beast Boy uses a mouth mirror and explorer to open her mouth. Raven breaks free, but Starfire attempts to use a hand held vacuum to suck her teeth out. She teleports to the other side of the couch and demands to know what they're doing. Cyborg says they sold their teeth and Starfire says they need more money to spend. Beast Boy asks for Raven's teeth and Robin offers hair and toenails as payment. She says that doing business with creeps has turned them into some, but Robin protests otherwise. She summons a mirror, but they put on shades and say they're fresh. Raven, unable to deal with a house of creeps, decides to get their teeth back and teleports them to the Tooth Fairy's lair.

Tooth Fairy with Titans' teeth

The Tooth Fairy with the Teen Titans' teeth.

The Titans enter the fairy's lair and Cyborg and Starfire praise the tooth-inspired decorations. Raven tells them to focus on finding their teeth and they begins looking around the various stacks of teeth. Beast Boy becomes distracted by a wet tooth while Robin wears teeth as jewelry, Cyborg shoves teeth into Robin's mouth, and Starfire plays with teeth as dolls. Raven tells them to focus, but the Tooth Fairy notices them and introduces herself. She explains that she doesn't need any introduction as they've met while she collected their teeth - except for Raven which made her covet the half-demon's teeth even more. Raven says she'll never sell her teeth to a creep and that she doesn't know what she does with them. The Tooth Fairy asks if it's not obvious, and Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire repeat their theories, but she denies all of them and reveals that she eats them. Raven groans in disgust and demands that the fairy give them back her teeth, but she refuses as she paid good money for them. However, she offers a trade for Raven's teeth, but Raven refuses. The Tooth Fairy suggests a game where if Raven wins, she'll get her friends' teeth back, but if the Tooth Fairy wins, she'll get Raven's teeth. Raven accepts and the Tooth Fairy announces that the game will be a teeth eating competition.

Tooth Eating Competition

Raven and the Tooth Fairy have a teeth eating competition.

Raven and the Tooth Fairy sit in front of large stacks of teeth and the Tooth Fairy gets an early start. She notices the Titans slobbering and decides she has no choice and begins eating. She swallows one and, to her surprise, is fascinated by the taste and she frantically continues swallowing. The Tooth Fairy comments on Raven's appetite and Raven tells her to start eating as she's hungry. The two start eating teeth in outlandish ways with Raven using her soul-self to scoop some into her mouth and the Tooth Fairy enchants tooth to enter her mouth. Eventually, the Tooth Fairy becomes full and Raven succeeds in finishing the last of her teeth. The Tooth Fairy is shocked that someone beat her and Raven says it was easy to do so because of the delicious teeth. She admits that she misjudged the Tooth Fairy, and the fairy gives her back her friends' teeth but whispers that she already ate one of Beast Boy's. Back at the tower, Beast Boy thanks Raven for getting their teeth back. Starfire admits that their greed got the best of them and Robin says Raven was right about the dignity of teeth. Cyborg says no one can put a price on teeth, but Raven says they can put salt on them. She continues eating a bucket of teeth, causing the Titans to retch in disgust. Raven offers the Titans a dollar for their molar and smiles evilly.


For a full transcript of "Dignity of Teeth", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tooth Fairy  
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Non-speaking roles
Sticky Joe
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • This episode was advertised as "The Dignity of Teeth".
  • This is the first episode where Raven refers to herself as "Mama".
  • This is the ninth episode in which Beast Boy does not use any of his animal transformations. The other eight are "The Left Leg", "Waffles", "Knowledge", "Thanksgiving", "Robin Backwards", "Head Fruit", "The Return of Slade", and "Some of Their Parts".
  • This is one of the few episodes in which Robin doesn't say, "Titans, Go!"
  • This episode aired two years after "Staff Meeting".
  • Food Content: Beast Boy makes the Titans cabbage, garlic, and onion stew. Raven and the Tooth Fairy eat teeth.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Leg Day".


  • Raven is seen with her hood down for the twenty-second time (twenty-fourth time if "Waffles" and "Dreams" are counted).


  • The baseball pitcher that Cyborg describes, Oral Hygiene, is in fact Orel Hershiser. He is a [1] winner, three time All Star, World Series champion and MVP, and holds the record for 59 consecutive scoreless innings pitch.
  • The alley is spray-painted with "Zod Rules" and Superman's logo with the word "Hope".
  • Close up pictures in the Tooth Fairy's lair are those of Batman, the Joker, and Two-Face.


  • When Raven teleports the Titans out of the living room, it is shown that their shades fell off in the living room. However, when she knocks on the Tooth Fairy's lair, the Titans are seen putting them on. But, when they enter, their shades are missing.


Dignity of Teeth title card
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  1. Allstetter, Rob (2015-07-29). Teen Titans Go! For August. Comics Continuum. Retrieved on July 30, 2015.


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