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"Instead of fighting your dad, maybe you should try to be more like him."
Robin urging Raven to listen to Trigon.

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"Dog Hand"




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30 April 2013


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Written by

Tom Pugsley

Directed by

Luke Cormican

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"Driver's Ed"


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DC Nation - Teen Titans Go! - Dog Hand (Clip)01:34

DC Nation - Teen Titans Go! - Dog Hand (Clip)

"Dog Hand" is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the fourth episode overall. Alongside "Driver's Ed", it first aired on 30 April 2013 on Cartoon Network.


Raven's demon dad Trigon comes to visit and wins over her friends in an effort to get her to embrace dark magic and become evil like him.[1]


Raven exits her room with a foul mood, destroying flowers and throwing Silkie out of Titans Tower using her telekinesis. At the kitchen, Starfire and Robin note Raven's mood causing Beast Boy to question her once she arrives. Raven disintegrates him as Cyborg attempts to make Raven talk until she slams him against the refrigerator. Robin manages to calm her down enough to release Cyborg and resurrect Beast Boy before wondering what put Raven in such a bad mood. She reveals that her father is coming for a visit but the others look at her confusedly. Raven attempts to persuade her friends that her father isn't like other dads but Cyborg claims he can relate and flashbacks to a baby version of himself throwing a ball at a toaster. She states she had issues, but Beast Boy reminds her through a flashback that he was tossed around from cage to cage in a zoo when searching for his mother.

Trigon arrives for a visit

Trigon, Raven's dad, arrives to visit the Teen Titans.

Sighing, Raven reveals her father is Trigon, causing the others to note his fierce reputation as the destroyer of ten thousand souls, conqueror of worlds, and a powerful being in the universe. On cue, a demonic Trigon knocks on the Tower's glass and begins to list his titles until Raven stops him. Trigon teleports himself into the tower, dressed as a middle-aged man before greeting the other Titans. Raven asks her father for the reason of his visit and he responds that he wished to see his only daughter. The Titan then bids him farewell and enters her room through a portal, but Trigon does the same as the other Titans watch Raven's harshness to Trigon.

Raven and Trigon bond

Trigon attempts to bond with Raven, but she tells him to leave her alone.

Trigon enters Raven's room and attempts to clean up, but Raven uses her telekinesis to undo Trigon's work. Trigon reveals his plans to take the Titans and himself for pizza, but Raven refuses by claiming that the real reason of Trigon's visit is to lecture her for not embracing her demonic side. Tirgon states that he didn't stop her from becoming a hero as he thought that the goodness in her would be flushed out over time before beginning to recount his teenage years of enslaving his first dimension. He asks Raven when she last tormented a species for no reason, but Raven tells him to leave her alone as she didn't ask to be the daughter of a demon. Devastated, Trigon obeys to Raven's wishes and exits her room, but enters the living room where he collapses on the couch with the other Titans. Robin and Beast Boy attempt to cheer Trigon up, but he rhetorically asks who wouldn't want a father who can grant any power sparking interest in the other Titans.

Raven fills a cup up with water before complaining to Starfire about Trigon. However, Starfire answers that her father isn't so bad by using teenage slang, confusing Raven. Beast Boy reveals himself to be Raven's cup and informs her that Trigon granted Starfire the power to talk like an Earth teen. Raven throws the cup out of shock as Beast Boy informs her that he has the powers to morph into anything and transforms into a bean bag chair. Annoyed by the two, Raven makes her way to the couch with Cyborg and asks about Robin's whereabouts. A huge, muscled Robin walks into the living room and flexes his muscles as Raven sarcastically asks Cyborg what power he got from Trigon. The robotic Titan reveals Trigon gave him a dog head for a hand as it begins to lick Cyborg. A winged Silkie flies into view as Beast Boy and Starfire make their way into the living room. The Titans begin to defend Trigon against Raven as Robin urges her to be more like him. Frustrated, Raven agrees.

Raven begins demonic transformation

Raven pretends to agree to Trigon's wishes to expose him as evil.

On the roof, Trigon is flying a kite as the Titans make their way to him. Raven informs Trigon that she's decided to embrace her inner demon. Happily, Trigon tells Raven the first step to embracing her inner demon is to fuel her power by using children's nightmares. Raven does as instructed and her soul-self soon turns red instead of black. Trigon tells her to open an interdimensional portal by using the energy gathered and Raven opens one on top of the tower before Trigon happily remarks that he's never been prouder of his daughter. The Titans cheer for Raven's success as Trigon informs her that the last step is to kill the Titans, suggesting to kill Beast Boy first in order to have the others submit to Raven but be killed off anyway. At first the Titans are cheering until they realize what Trigon had just said. He states it's nothing personal against the Titans and just necessary to becoming truly demonic as Raven asks the Titans if they still want her to be like him. The Titans shake their heads in response. Satisfied with proving her point, Raven informs Trigon she's not becoming demonic.

Trigon's defeat

Raven uses her powers to banish Trigon.

Angered by the trick, Trigon decides to revoke Raven's powers and kill her friends, causing the Titans to realize Raven was right about Trigon all along. He transforms into his demonic self and asks the Titans how they're planning to defeat him. Robin responds that they'll use the powers Trigon gifted them but he roars them away. Using his strength, Robin grabs a transformed Beast Boy mace and slams Trigon's head as Cyborg uses his dog hand to bite the demon's ear and Starfire texts. Beast Boy continues to transform into various heavier objects while hitting Trigon as Raven uses her nightmare-fueled powers to shrink Trigon in size and transport him into the intergalactic portal which closes upon Trigon's entry. All of the Titans's powers vanish as a result of Trigon's defeat, upsetting Cyborg over the loss of his dog hand. The Titans make their way over to Raven who reveals that Trigon's gone for now, but will probably return for Thanksgiving.


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Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Kevin Michael Richardson Trigon  
Non-speaking roles
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • The original name for this episode was "Raven's Daddy Dearest."
  • Running Gags: A laugh track plays throughout the episode. Trigon gives Starfire an English accent and an act as a regular teenager.
  • Deaths: Beast Boy was obliterated by Raven, but was later revived.
  • Food Content: Trigon suggests treating the Titans to pizza. Raven discovered Beast Boy's new power by drinking out a cup he was disguised as. Trigon tells Raven to annihilate the Titans before going for ice cream.


  • Pretty Pretty Pegasus appears again, but this time on Trigon's kite ("Legendary Sandwich").
  • Cyborg reveals that Raven has the ability to grant powers to the Titans which is later confirmed to be true in "Super Robin" where she gave Robin multiple superpowers.
  • This is the second episode where Raven becomes a demon ("Driver's Ed").
    • This is also the first episode where Raven speaks in demonic voice.
  • When Raven sends Trigon away, he says "See you at Thanksgiving!" This foreshadows his future appearance in "Thanksgiving."


  • Starfire states Raven's mood as "ungood", a Newspeak term in the George Orwell book, 1984.
  • Beast Boy's flashback depicts him asking many animals "Are you my mother?" in reference to the book by Dr. Seuss, Are You My Mother?
  • Trigon mentions Batman to Robin.
  • The Demon, Etrigan and Zatanna can be seen on pictures in Raven's room.
  • The following can be found in a child's room:
    • A plush toy in Batman's likeness
    • A poster of Brainiac playing the guitar
    • The Dark Knight Rises Mercenary Bane is etched onto a bed's headboard
    • Doomsday appears on a poster reading DOOM!.
    • A poster depicting Darkseid with a flower in his head.
    • A long-limbed plush toy of Plastic Man.
    • A toy of Pac-Man.


  • Cyborg's flashback has him as being born half-robot, when he was originally involved in an accident that had him replace half of his body into robotic parts. Also, Beast Boy was bitten by a monkey, and a resulting disease granted him his powers.
  • The spilled water was on the floor when Beast Boy turned into a bean bag, but in the next scene, it's gone.


Dog Hand title card
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