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"Dog Hand"




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30 April 2013

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"Driver's Ed"


"Double Trouble"

This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Dog Hand" from season 1, which first aired on 30 April 2013.
Beast Boy
Titans Tower
Plot Point
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Interior. Titans Tower.
Raven exits her room and floats into the hallway. On her way to the kitchen, she uses her soul-self to kill flowers and shoot Silkie out a window. The other Titans are in the kitchen.
Starfire: Have you witnessed Raven's mood? It appears to be ungood.
Robin: Yeah, she's been like that for the last few days. Shh! Here she comes.
Raven enters the kitchen. She shuts the tower's windows and stops in front of Beast Boy.
Beast Boy: Okay, Raven, what's bugging you? You know, uh, more than usual. [Is electrified by Raven and turns into ashes.]
Cyborg: Come on! Sing, little birdie!
Raven: [Pins Cyborg to the wall.] I said, I don't want to talk about it!
Cyborg: [Nervously.] And I can totally respect that!
Robin: Raven...
Raven: [Releases Cyborg.] Fine. [Regenerates Beast Boy's ashes.] I'll tell you. My father is coming here for a visit. [Stops dramatically, eyes become big. The other Titans look at her, not understanding.]
Robin: [Uncertainly.]
Raven: You don't understand. He's not your typical dad.
Cyborg: [Raises his hand] I can relate. I mean, I am half-robot after all.
A thought bubble appears above Cyborg. He is young and holding a ball.
Cyborg: [Young. Throws the ball.] Catch, daddy, catch! [The ball bounces off a toaster and two pieces of toast come out. Cyborg's eyes fill up with tears. The thought bubble disappears.]
Raven: It's just, I had a lot of... issues growing up.
Beast Boy: Who's had childhood issues? [Clears throat. Thought bubble appears above him. He is young and in an elephant's cage.]
Beast Boy: [Young, to elephant.] Excuse me, but... are you my mother? [Elephant blows trunk, blowing young Beast Boy away.] Okay. Okay, thanks anyway. [Lands in a hog's cage.] Uh, are you my mother? [Hog kicks him away with hind feet. He lands in a seal's cage.] Are you my mother? [Seal spins him on nose and kicks him with tail. Lands in a cage filled with tropical birds. Thought bubble disappears.]
Raven: Look, my father Trigon is -
All except Raven Trigon?
Beast Boy: Trigon...
Robin: Devourer of a million souls!
Cyborg: Conquerer of countless worlds!
Starfire: Trigon is one of the most powerful beings in the entire universe! He is your father?
Raven: Yup. My dad is literally a demon who feeds off the suffering of others. [Sighs.] Especially me. [Perks up, alert as several knocks come from outside. Opens tower windows with magic.]
Trigon: Behold, Trigon. Master of the dark! Destroyer of dimensions! Enslaver of civilizations!
Raven: Enough with the resume, dad!
Trigon: [Shrinks himself and transports himself into the Tower. Looks around at the Titans and grins. [Goes to Cyborg.] Hi, I'm Raven's father. You must be Cyborg. [Taps Cyborg's mechanical eye repeatedly.] Is that an upgraded optical sensor?
Cyborg: Uh, yeah! Thanks for noticing, all powerful Trigon sir!
Starfire: [Flies over to Trigon.] Greetings. I am Starfire, [Bows.] your daughter's best female friend within the Teen Titans.
Trigon: [Bows deeply.] Young lady, [Produces flowers with magic.] these pale in comparison to your beauty. [Starfire takes the flowers and smiles. Trigon bends down to Beast Boy.] And the party animal himself. [Fist bumps with Beast Boy.] Beast Boy.
Beast Boy: Guilty.
Trigon: [Walks over to Robin.] No introduction needed, Boy Wonder. The honor is mine. [Puts his arm around Robin's shoulder.] How is your back?
Robin: [Uncertainly.] It's..fine. Why?
Trigon: Thought it might be sore from carrying Batman all these years. [Slams down on Robin each time he laughs.] Ha! Ha! Ha!
Robin: [As he is slammed into the floor.] AH!
Raven: [As Trigon goes over to her.] Why are you here, dad?
Trigon: To see my only daughter and her friends, of course.
Raven: And now you have. Goodbye! [Makes a portal and leaves.]
Trigon: Raven! [Makes a portal and goes after her.]
Beast Boy: [As Robin climbs out of the hole in the floor.] That was harsh, man. Even for her.
Cyborg: Yeah, I mean her dad didn't seem that bad.
Cut to Raven's room, where Raven is sitting on her bed with a thunder cloud above her head. Zooms out, and Trigon comes out of his portal.
Raven: There's something called knocking, dad.
Trigon: [Looks around the room.] This place is a pig sty! How do you live like this? [Uses his magic to tidy up her bookshelf, mirror, and candles. Opens up the curtains. Raven undos everything with her magic.]
Trigon: So I was thinking maybe tonight we could take your friends out for some pizza. My treat?
Raven: Not. Interested.
Trigon: You know, I wish you could at least pretend to be happy to see your dad!
Raven: How could I, when I know the real reason you're here, is to lecture me about not living up to my potential.
Trigon: When you said you wanted to be a hero, did I stop you? No! I figured it would be great for you to save some lives, and get it out of your system. But let's face it, you're wasting your powers. When I was your age -
Raven: Ugh, here it comes.
Trigon: I had already enslaved my first dimension. When was the last time you even tried to torment a species for no reason? [Goes closer to Raven's face each time.] Ah, ah, ah?
Raven: I didn't ask to be a demon spawn, you know! So just, leave me alone! [Trigon closes his eyes and makes a portal to leave and goes into the living room and plops himself on the sofa, where all the other Titans are.]
Trigon: Where did I go wrong?
Robin: Raven's not much of a conversationalist, is she?
Trigon: [Points at his eyes, then out, than his other pair of eyes.] We don't exactly see eye to eye to eye.
Beast Boy: Yeah, I irritate the snot out of her, too. She must have a thing against [Starts flexing muscles.] powerful men, you know.
Trigon: I mean, who wouldn't want a father who could grant any power?
Cyborg: [Lifts Robin to the end of the sofa so he can be next to Trigon.] Whoa. Did you say any power? [Trigon lifts his hand up, ready to do magic.]
Cut to kitchen, where a cup is floating over a sink. Raven magicly turns off the sink and brings the full cup to herself.
Raven: Seriously, you have no idea what a wiener my dad can be.
Starfire: Dude, you got it twisted. Your old man's straight up the bomb.
Raven: Why are you talking like that? How are you talking like that? [Goes to take a drink.]
Beast Boy: [Beast boy's face suddenly appears on the cup.] Your dad gave her the power to speak like an Earth Teen.
Raven spits out her water and drops the cup in shock.
Raven: Ah!
Beast Boy: [Turns back into a human.] And he gave me the power to turn into anything I want.

Look! [Turns into a bean bag.]

Raven: And yet you chose to be a bean bag.
Beast Boy Now I can veg out on myself.
Starfire: [Using a tablet.] Ha ha ha! L-O-L! Whoo!
Raven goes to the living room.
Cyborg: What's up, Rave?
Raven: My dad's got Princess Starry Eyes and the Beast Brain thinking he's the greatest thing since toliet paper. Glad you and Robin aren't so gullible. [Pauses.] Where is Robin, anyway?
Robin walks by. He is ridiculously muscly.
Robin: Notice anything different, Raven?
Raven: You're twitching.
Robin: Yep. Pretty awesome, huh? [Robin flexes and then throws a TV.]
Raven: What, you didn't want a power from my dad?
Cyborg: Of course I did. He gave me a dog for a hand. [Dog-hand starts licking him.] Quit it! Quit it! [laughs] I love you so much, dog-hand! I just ... I just ... [laughs] ... love you so much!
Raven: [Silkie flies by with butterfly wings.] Ugh, he got to you too, Silkie.
Starfire and Beast Boy walk in the room. Beast Boy is a basketball.
Starfire: What's the haps, players?
Raven: You need to stop talking.
Starfire: Haters gonna hate.
Robin: Raven, you've got Trigon all wrong. He's a great dad.
Cyborg: Straight up, awesome!
Starfire: Holla!
Beast Boy: [Turns back into a human.]His breath smells like a fireplace.
Raven: What is wrong with you guys?
Beast Boy: What's wrong with you!
Cyborg: Trigon said that you could've been granting powers for us all along. [Dog-hand growls.] Easy, boy. Easy.
Robin: Instead of fighting your dad, maybe you should try to be more like him.
Raven: [Lightning cloud flashs over Raven and her eyes glow red.] [Sighs.] You're right. It's time I became the daughter my dad always wanted me to be.
Exterior. Titans Tower roof.
Trigon is flying a kite. He frowns. The Titans come to him.
Raven: After thinking about what you said, Dad, I'm ready to embrace my inner demon.
Trigon: [Smiles.] That's my little tyrant. [Destroys kite.] Just three easy steps. First, draw your power from the terror of every Earth-child's nightmares.
Cyborg: Easy cheesy, Rave, you can do it. [Dog-hand barks.] Raven creates magical hands, which enter buildings and suck out various scary things from children. Raven's hands are then surronded by red magic. Lghtning flashes.
Trigon: Now, focus that power, and open an inter-dimensional portal. [Raven does this. The other Titans applaud.]
Robin: Way to go, Raven.
Beast Boy: Bravo.
Trigon: I'm so proud. [Wipes a tear off his face.] The only thing left to do is kill all your friends.
Starfire: [Claps.] Kill us, kill us. You can, like totally do it.
Robin: Yeah. Wait, what?
Trigon: I'd like to make an example out of one. I suggest Beast Boy. [Thought bubble with one gravestone in it appears over Beast Boy.] To force the others to swear their allegence, then eradicate them anyway. [Thought bubble now has four gravestones in it. Beast Boy turns into a mouse and goes onto Cyborg.]
Cyborg: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, not cool! [Dog-hand growls.]
Trigon: Nothing personal. Just the last step in becoming truly demonic. [Monsters appear over Trigon.]Go ahead and annihilate them, dear. Then we can get ice cream to celebrate! [Ice cream appears over Trigon.]
Raven: So, stiill want me to be [In demonic voice.] more like him?" [Turns into demonic monster.]
All except Raven: No. Uh-Uh.
Raven: [Turns back to normal.] That's what I thought. Sorry, Dad, looks like I'm gonna flunk out of demon school.
Trigon: [Frowns.] You've brought weakness upon the legend of Trigon. After I revoke your dark powers, then I will destroy your friends.
Beast Boy: [He is now a human.] What do you know, [Jumps off Cyborg.] Raven was right all along. You are a major weiner! [Turns into a hot dog weiner.]
Trigon grows huge.
Trigon: And how are you going to defeat the most powerful being in the universe?
Robin: By using the powers you gave us! Titans, GO!
Trigon blows them away with a single large breath. Robin grabs Beast Boy, whom turns into a club, and hits Trigon with him. Cyborg flies up, and his dog-hand bites Trigon's ear. Starfire is using a tablet. She looks at the fighting.
Starfire: Whatever.
Beast Boy turns into various large objects as Robin hits Trigon with him. Raven uses magic to send Trigon down the portal. The portal disappears. Robin loses his muscle. Beast Boy turns back into a human. Cyborg's dog-hand disappears and a normal hand is in its place. Starfire throws the tablet behind herself.
Raven: He's gone for now. But he'll be back, probably for Thanksgiving.
Episode Ends

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