"Lesson 1: Common expressions. You don't have to take everything literally. You see Star, it's all about adding a little style into what'cha say. Here's how you do it."
Raven to Starfire.

Mean What'cha Say
"Don't Say What'cha Mean"






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Starfire's room


0:51 (seconds)

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"Last Breath"


"Night Begins to Shine"

"Don't Say What'cha Mean" is a song performed by Raven to teach Starfire more of human culture, focusing on the various ways to use idioms or phrases instead of using words literally.


Raven: Don't say what'cha mean.
But mean what'cha say.
It sounds complicated
But it's easy in every way.
Don't say you're going to sleep.
Nuh-uh, instead, you're catching z's.
Never say that things were easy.
No, just say that they were a breeze.
Instead of saying watch how you spend
Say money don't grow on trees.
You see, you say what'cha gotta say everyday - with style!
That's the key.
Don't say what'cha mean.
But mean what'cha say.
It's not that complicated.
No, it's easy in every way.
Uh-huh, you got this.


  • This song's video refers to ABC's "Schoolhouse Rock" because the effects of the letters, the style of the segment and Raven's way of singing it are similar to the song segments there. Also, this is somewhat lamp-shading how the show consists of musical shorts that educate you. Raven was educating Starfire about idioms and literal phrases by singing a song.

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