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"Dreams are windows to our most secret desires."
Robin on his view of dreams.

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Original air date

23 April 2014

Running Time

10:39 (minutes)


1.840 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Guy Stevenson

Directed by

Peter Rida Michail

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Teen Titans Go! Episode 49 Dreams Clip01:25

Teen Titans Go! Episode 49 Dreams Clip

"Dreams" is the forty-ninth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go! and the forty-ninth episode overall. It first aired on Cartoon Network on 23 April 2014, marking the one year anniversary of the series.


After an exciting night of crime fighting, the Titans go to sleep and each one has unique dreams.[1]


At night, Silkie is sleeping on the couch when the Teen Titans return after a day of battling the H.I.V.E. Five. Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin recount their fights with Gizmo, Mammoth, and Jinx, respectively until Starfire shares her belief that she and Raven did all the work. She notices the sleeping Silkie and shushes Beast Boy and Cyborg as they celebrate the art of sleeping. Silkie begins to have a nightmare and squirms but Raven claims that maggots can't have dreams only to be countered by Robin's argument that everyone dreams.

Cyborg's dream

Cyborg's video game dream.

Beast Boy asks what everyone dreams about, but they all refuse to share. As such, the Titans head to sleep with each one wishing one another good night and Beast Boy asking for a hallway light to turn on. In Starfire's dream, the Tamaranean asks the Titans to participate in a picnic due to the beautiful day, but they all groan and whine in response. Starfire screams, causing them to turn into kittens which she celebrates. The kittens gather outside Titans Tower and participate in a kitten picnic with Beast Boy vomiting a hairball, Cyborg attempting to catch a red dot emitted from his robotic eye, and Raven falling into a box. Beast Boy licks Robin behind the ear as Starfire does the same to Raven. In reality, Starfire plays with Silkie in her sleep who squirms and rolls out of her room.

Beast Boy's dream

Beast Boy's dream.

Silkie crawls onto Cyborg and prepares to sleep as Cyborg's dream begins. The Titans, distraught over the absence of pizza, plead for Cyborg to volunteer and rescue it from the clutches of a Pizza God in a video-game format. Battling a ghost, crazy crabs, and evading puffs of green gas, Cyborg eventually arrives at the Pizza God's lair. The villain gains the upper hand until Cyborg pauses the game, equips a booyah cannon, and blats the Pizza God before retrieving the pizza. He begins to dance in his sleep, causing Silkie to wake and crawl away. He climbs up Beast Boy's box and curls up next to him. Beast Boy dreams of a walking chameleon dancing in sync to music and he kicks Silkie out of his room as a result.

Robin's dream

Robin's dream homages Teen Titans and consists of a make-out scene with Starfire.

Silkie arrives at Robin's room where the Boy Wonder dreams of the Titans in an anime-styled format where they witness the Daizõ-Brushogun ink monster terrorizing Japan. Robin achieves a single-handed victory and Beast Boy says he is amazing for his awesomeness. He rescues Starfire from the remains of the monster and the two begin to kiss passionately as Raven informs the Titans East and Beast Boy and Cyborg tell Scarface. In reality, Robin continues to make out with a disturbed Silkie who quickly flees to Raven's room.


Raven's meditation is interrupted.

Using a strand of silk, he descends onto the floating Raven as she dreams of meditation. Trigon arrives and demands for Raven to conquer the Earth or witness her caged friends perish. Using her powers and resisting her demonic urges, Raven destroys Trigon and saves her friends. They thank her, but Raven obliterates them with her magic claiming she couldn't let her dad have all the fun and rides the Earth with the Titans' skeletons behind her symbolizing her conquering of the planet. Raven straddles Silkie in her sleep, causing the maggot to wake up and flee.

Silkie's dream

Silkie's lucid dream of a human version of himself dancing with Starfire.

Silkie returns to the couch and begins to move his head to music playing in his dream. A humanized Silkie walks around the world visiting places like Sacco's Tacos, the Eiffel Tower, and the Statue of Liberty while eating tacos and ice cream. In celebration, he dances alongside Starfire. Silkie continues to bob his head as outside, the seagull, sleeps under the seemingly serene tower.


For a full transcript of "Dreams", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Kevin Michael Richardson Trigon
Peter Rida Michail Pizza God  
Unknown Daizõ-Brushogun ink monster  
Unknown Scarface  
Aaron Horvath[2] Human Silkie  
Non-speaking roles
Más y Menos
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • This episode marks the one year anniversary of Teen Titans Go!, airing on the same day as "Legendary Sandwich" and "Pie Bros".
  • The Titans' dreams use different forms of animation styles.
    • Starfire and Raven's dreams are animated with lineless animation.
    • Cyborg's dream resembles a video game from the 80's.
    • Beast Boy and Silkie's dreams use live-action with Silkie's mixing flash animation within it.
    • Robin's dream is comprised of stock animation from the 2003 Teen Titans series and is mostly made up from the ending scenes of Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo.
  • This is the first episode to use live-action as shown in Beast Boy's dream of a dancing chameleon and Silkie's lucid dream.
  • Deaths: Raven kills Beast Boy, Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, and Trigon in her dream.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Birds".
  • This is one Aaron Horvath's favorite episodes.[3]


  • Second time Robin and Raven's dreams are shown ("Nose Mouth").
  • Sacco's Tacos is seen again in Silkie's dream.
  • Starfire's dances in Silkie's dream are made up of recycled archive from "She's Gonna Eat It" during "Meatball Party".


  • Robin's dream is comprised of clips from Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo and the episode "For Real?" from the 2003 TV Series Teen Titans.



Dreams title card
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