"It seems the prism has divided Raven into the five core parts of her personality. Purple is her passion. Red is her rage. Pink, her happiness. Orange, her laziness. And Gray is her timidity."
— The Titans evaluate the Emoticlones.

General information

Red (Rage)

Notable members
  • Pink (Happiness)
  • Purple (Passion)
  • Gray (Timidity)
  • Orange (Laziness)

Rejoined with Raven (Titans)

Chronological information
First appearance

"Colors of Raven"

Last appearance

"Some of Their Parts"

The Emoticlones are different sides of Raven's personality that reside within her mind. They all resemble Raven in appearance, but each hold a uniquely colored cloak, brooch, iris and shoe; the color of which will hint at which aspect of Raven they represent.           


The Pink Raven is Happiness and wears a flower brooch. It has all of Raven's happiness. When she was released she liked making things sweet and happy, like candy and gumdrops. She was liked the most by Starfire, Cyborg and Beast, because she liked spending time with them. She is mostly seen being happy all the time and is mostly like Starfire. Pink happiness is always doing girly things like using her magic to turn things into candy, cute animals, etc., and doing hairdos like what she did to Starfire.


The Gray Raven is Timidity, and wears a teardrop brooch. She is scared of every thing unlike the real Raven. When she is really scared she will puke darkness. Even though she is scared/frightened, she doesn't want to be put together with the other Ravens, she said it sounds scary. When she leaves the tower, she goes for a walk and sits on a bench and cries to her self before getting back in her crystal by Robin & Starfire. She is the only one to not have a relationship with Beast Boy.


The Red Raven is Rage, and wears a skull brooch with red eyes. She is the demon part of Raven or mini Trigon. She is mean and said what she thinks. She mainly picks on Cyborg and Robin. She loves funny movies. Like the other Happy, Timid, and Love; she didn't want to be combined with Ravens. She turned into a scary monster when Robin and Starfire went to catch her.


The Purple Raven is Passion/Love, and wears a heart brooch. She is attached to Beast Boy and kisses him, meaning Raven has a crush on Beast Boy.

Like Happy, she is also joyful. Also like Happy, Timid, and Rage she didn't want to be put back together. The only way she would go is if Beast Boy went with her. When the Ravens split up, she had a kissing booth and was kissing people.


The Orange Raven is rude or Raven's lazy side, and wears a hamburger brooch. She sleeps all the time or falls when she is standing. She doesn't care about anything. When the Teen Titans were looking for her, she was in Titans Tower eating everything in the fridge.    



  • Purple / Controlling
  • Grey / Paranoid
  • Orange & Green / Perfectionist
  • Light Blue / Craziness
  • Red / Obsessive


  • Red / Anger (nicknamed "Savage" by Robin)
  • Grey / Timidity
  • Cyan / Joy/Silliness
  • Green / Disgust
  • Purple / Passionate


  • Green / Military Directive (named "Soldier" by Robin)
  • Grey / Timidity
  • Orange / Laziness
  • Yellow / Enthusiasm
  • Pink / Comedian


  • Red / Anger
  • Pink / Joy
  • Scarlet / Cardreader
  • Purple / Pride
  • Orange / Royalty

Beast Boy

  • Yellow / Nicknamed "Human Shield" by Robin
  • Cyan / Hungry
  • Orange / Sleepy
  • Magenta / ???
  • Pink / ???


The Image Gallery for Emoticlones may be viewed here.


  • All the Emoticlones have connections with Beast Boy, except Grey. Pink loves to play with him, Red did not attack him, Purple kisses him, and Orange loves to sit on beanbags with him.
  • While all of the Ravens have different eye colors Purple (Passion) is the only one with Raven's natural eye color, although Purple's eye color is brighter and her coat is brighter.

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