"I know you want to destroy me and everything, and that's cool, but before you do, I just wanna let you see what's inside my heart."
Beast Boy to Terra.[1]

Fade Away
"Fade Away"

Beast Boy





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Titans Tower Lawn


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"Fade Away"[nb 1] is a love song sung by Beast Boy for Terra in an attempt to showcase his real feelings for her at the Valentine's Day dance after she attacks the Titans out of revenge. While successful, Terra eventually grew annoyed at Beast Boy's constant performance and broke up with him.


{{Lyrics |Beast Boy: You can't fade away |The way I feel for you |There ain't no word that can say |What I'd do for you |And every single day |I make it through this game called life |It's always filled with pain and strife |Reality will cut you like a knife, it ain't right |But with you by my side, we will win this fight |In the battle of dark and light |Oh, take my hand hold it tight |When we dance, I feel alright |By your side is where I'll be |Endless love won't fade you'll see |Ah, when I walk, you walk with me |Terra, together let the light shine |By your side is where I'll be |Endless love won't fade, you'll see |When I walk, you walk with me |Ha, ha, together let the light shine |Yeeeaaahhh



  • Greg Cipes originally recorded this song in 2007 as part of his band Cipes and the People's album "Conscious Revolution." However, the album version is not sung as Beast Boy, and it has a reggae feel to it.
  • Greg Cipes performed this song at Wellington Armageddon 2009 and in character at the San Diego Comic-Con 2014.
  • Greg Cipes nicknamed the song, "Beast Boy's song to Terra".
  • In the Teen Titans Go! lyrics, Beast Boy says "win this fight", but in the full version, it says "win the fight".
  • In YouTube, a user named Nabbie Draws made her own animation to this song, however, instead of Terra who is delighted by the song, Raven is the one who is.


  1. Cartoon Network advertised this song as "Endless Love".


  1. Loy, John (writer) & Michail, Peter Rida (director). (February 12, 2014). "Be Mine". Teen Titans Go!. Season 1. Episode 40. Cartoon Network.

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