"The last ingredient is pretzel bread. It can be the supermarket."
Raven to Robin.[1]

Food Bear
Food Bear
Physical information

Jump City, California, United States



First appearance

"Legendary Sandwich"

Food Bear is a grocery store in Jump City.


Entranced by the Legend of the Legendary Sandwich and threatened of his status as sandwich expert, Robin set out to retrieve one of the ingredients to reforge the Legendary Sandwich. However, while expecting a challenge for the leader of the Titans, Raven instead handed him the task of purchasing pretzel bread at the local supermarket. Whilst his comrades combated the Sandwich Guardians, Robin waited impatiently for his number to be called. A squeaky wheel on a shopping cart had him crash through Bat-O's and an elderly citizen. While waiting for his number, he frightened a citizen by explaining his love for the staff and soon began menial tasks to keep from falling asleep. He began to doze off when his number was finally called, much to his delight. Upon returning to Titans Tower, he called his experience brutal yet the other Titans had returned with severe injuries while he was left unscathed.[1] In "Driver's Ed", Robin drives into the Food Bear with the cops on his tail. Ed asked Robin to turn to the cereal aisle yet Robin failed to do so. The police were then involved in a fiery crash while Robin drove out of the store unscathed.


  • This is the first recurring location to be seen on the show after Titans Tower.
    • It is also the first location to have Bear in the name.
  • The Joker is listed as being Employee of the Month.


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