"M-M-My sandwich! Where's my sandwich? That's the third one this week! Who took it?!"
Cyborg to the Teen Titans.

Food Fright digital cover
"Food Fright"
Written by

Sholly Fisch

Art by

Ben Bates

Letters by

Wes Abbott

Cover by

Dan Hipp

Edited by

Alex Antone




DC Comics

Date of publication
  • 23 November 2013 (digital)
  • 18 December 2013 (print)
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"Food Fright" is the first issue of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series. It was released digitally on 23 November 2013 and in print on 18 December 2013 by DC Comics.


Someone's been eating Cyborg's sandwiches! But who? One of the other Teen Titans? Or something more ... SINISTER? Cyborg and his stomach want answers! NOW![1]


Cyborg mourns sandwich

Cyborg mourning for his sandwich.

Cyborg is getting ready to eat a sandwich he's been saving, but discovers that it has been eaten upon opening the refrigerator. Thinking that a villain has infiltrated the tower, Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven rush into the kitchen wondering what caused Cyborg to scream. Cyborg reveals that someone has eaten his sandwich and aims his sonic cannon at the rest of the Titans demanding to know which one of them committed the crime. The four all deny the accusation causing Cyborg to yell out why one of Raven's pizzas is never eaten instead. Beast Boy answers by informing him that no one wants to get in the way of one of Raven's foods.

Robin expresses regret that there were no cameras in the fridge, but Cyborg reveals he placed one but it was eaten as well. To his delight, Robin decides to solve the crime by using old-fashioned detective skills. Using a lamp to turn the room dark, Robin interrogates each of the Titans, but Starfire and Raven take his investigation lightly while Beast Boy confesses into running with scissors, crossing the street without looking, and leaving the seat on the toilet up. Robin reminds him that they're trying to locate the eater of Cyborg's missing sandwich, but Beast Boy denies. Frustrated, Cyborg breaks Robin's lamp and decides to locate the thief by installing a high-tech security system.

Pizza Monster

The Pizza Monster attacks.

Getting desperate by the hour, Cyborg decides to check on his sandwich but is run over by a train upon opening the fridge. Cyborg happily tells Robin that no one ate his sandwich but notices that it had been eaten. He screams once more and Starfire and Beast Boy run in to check on him. Robin decides to check for clues and opens Raven's pizza box, unleashing a demonic Pizza Monster who quickly wraps the Titans in its tentacles. Raven enters the kitchen in order to silence the Titans but is entangled as well. She reveals the pizza was a parting gift from Trigon from the last time she dined with him. Robin notices that Starfire's desert hasn't been eaten by the monster and uses his grappling hook to grab the pastry claiming that demonic pizzas would hate Starfire's Angel Food Cake. Upon swallowing the desert, the pizza monster explodes, splattering the kitchen with its remains. As the Titans debate on who'd get stuck with cleaning duty, Silkie begins to eat the remains, but soon becomes demonically possessed.


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Beast Boy
Trigon (flashback)
Non-speaking roles
Pizza Monster  
Character debut
Speaking debut



  • Alongside "Par for the Course", this issue was available at participating locations for Free Comic Book Day 2014.[2]
  • Robin mentions Brother Blood and Mad Mod when asking about the source of Cyborg's scream.
  • The crimes that Beast Boy confessed into admitting were bad safety manners.
  • This is the second time that the plot has been centered over a sandwich. ("Legendary Sandwich") Coincidentally, both are the first in a Teen Titans Go! series.
  • Food Content: The plot of the comic was about discovering the identity of Cyborg's sandwich eater. A Pizza Monster attacked the Titans upon being discovered by Robin. Starfire's Angel Food Cake defeated the Pizza Monster.
  • This comic is reprinted in Teen Titans Go! Volume 1: Party, Party.



  • Cyborg has an apron that parodies the saying, "Kiss the Cook" as "Grease the Cook".


  • Trigon and Raven have four eyes in demonic form while the Pizza Monster and Silkie have six.


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