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"Maybe this is the way out. What if Control Freak put us in this episode to help them solve their problems and learn a lesson?"
Raven theorizing to Robin.

Raven, ButterBean, and SparkleFace promote friendship




Original air date
  • July 24, 2014 (SDCC preview night attendees)[1]
  • October 2, 2014
Running Time

11:27 (minutes)


1.983 (million)

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Produced by
Written by

Merrill Hagan

Directed by

Luke Cormican

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Teen Titans Go! - "Friendship" (clip)01:09

Teen Titans Go! - "Friendship" (clip)

"Friendship" is the fifteenth episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the sixty-seventh episode overall. The episode was first aired at San Diego Comic-Con Preview Night 2014 on 24 July 2014 and broadcast on 2 October 2014 on Cartoon Network.


Control Freak zaps the Titans into the latest episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus, and the team has to figure out a way to help the creatures in order to get home.[2]


In the latest episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus, Butterbean tells Sparkleface that the cotton candy hasn't been growing due to a lack of showers. Sparkleface informs her that it rained the night before, but Butterbean clarifies that she meant a shower of compliments. The two pegasuses proceed to compliment the cotton candy and it grows in tremendous height until music begins blaring, reducing them to their original height. The two deduce the sound to be coming from the unicorns in a castle nearby.

Raven watches the episode through a television screen outside Dent TV when Robin asks her if she'd like to join the Teen Titans in fighting Control Freak, but she declines. He activates a blade in his staff and shoots the villain across the street where Control Freak notices the new episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus. He discusses the show's promotion of friendship to solve problems rather than by using violence with Raven as he is attacked by the other Titans. Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire take their turns in beating up Control Freak. The villain proceeds to take out a remote control and zaps each of the Titans with it, transporting them inside the television.

Control Freak imprisons the Titans

Control Freak zaps the Teen Titans in the latest episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus.

Robin questions their current location as Raven happily smiles while she explores their new surrounding. Control Freak explains to them that he's trapped them in the newest episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus and the Titans must discover a way to escape or risk being trapped in the episode forever. Raven thanks Control Freak happily before reverting to her original persona and explains to the Titans that it's a dream come true. Robin resolves to get out of the episode as fast as possible which Beast Boy thinks would involve them exploring the themes of friendship, much to his disgust. Raven, being familiar with the series, decides to find Butterbean and Sparkleface due to them being their best chance to escape.

Teen Titans meet SparkleFace and ButterBean

The Teen Titans meet Butterbean and Sparkleface.

The Titans travel to Pegasus Village where Raven hyperventilates as a result of seeing Butterbean and Sparkleface. She proceeds to talk to them, but Robin decides against it, believing that making contact with the fictional characters could alter their reality. Starfire suggests for Beast Boy to transform into a pegasus, but the shapeshifter reveals he is unable to morph into mythological creatures. At the urging of Cyborg, Beast Boy decides to give it a try, but the form results in a mixture of horse, bird, and human parts, scaring the pegasuses when he attempts to talk to them. Raven uses her magic to transport Beast Boy from the pegasuses and introduces herself and the Titans to the pegasuses who ask her if she'd want to be part of their flord. Raven squeals with agreement and Sparkleface proceeds to sing the Friendship song, but is interrupted by Robin. He explains that they need their help to return home, but the pegasuses reveal that they cannot help them until they figure out a way to convince the unicorns to stop blasting their music loudly. Starfire wonders if the two have tried using violence, but Sparkleface says that the option won't make both species friends. Frustrated, Robin decides to find another way to escape, but Raven theorizes that Control Freak imprisoned them in the episode to help the pegasuses and learn a lesson about friendship and violence along the way. Thinking the theory to be correct, Robin tells the pegasuses to lead them to the unicorns to see how they can help them.

At the castle, the Titans and pegasuses spy the unicorns through a window where Jelly Roll is leading two others in summoning beats from their horn to fuel the music. Robin creates a violent plan to incapacitate the unicorns, but Raven vetoes the idea as pegasuses solve problems by talking and making friends. Raven, Butterbean, and Sparkleface ring the doorbell and ask Buttermilk Biscuit to turn the music down. He declines, but the meeting is interrupted by Robin, who orders the Titans into battle. Starfire destroys Jelly Roll's horn with a star blast while Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin proceed to beat up the unicorns. Raven calls off the Titans while Butterbean and Sparkleface note that the violence was effective in getting the unicorns to stop playing their music. Jelly Roll berates them for not using their words, but Robin reminds them that they said they wouldn't stop blasting their music. Buttermilk Biscuit reveals that they couldn't stop playing as their music is the only thing that prevented Gumdrop Goblin from attacking, who proceeds to wake up from his cave. Starfire suggests that the unicorns put him back to sleep, but the unicorns explain that they are unable to do so due to Jelly Roll's disfigured horn preventing them from playing the music in harmony. Robin slaps the unicorns with his staff to stop them from crying which Butterbean and Sparkleface find to be a fast way to solve problems and enjoyable to watch.

The Titans, unicorns, and pegasuses gather outside the castle to combat Gumdrop Goblin when Jelly Roll suggests a friendship circle. Butterbean and Sparkleface interrupt by suggesting that they use violence, shocking and upsetting Raven due to them having taught her to use friendship to solve problems which Butterbean thinks is now silly. Gumdrop Goblin arrives and demands the return of his music. The Titans, save Raven, charge into battle, but the goblin punches them away without hesitation. Seeing that violence doesn't solve every problem, Sparkleface and Butterbean wonder how to stop Gumdrop Goblin as he begins a rampage. Raven suggests using the pegasuses old ways of solving problems and talk the unicorns into playing their music. Jelly Roll reminds them about his broken horn, but Butterbean tells him to play the music from his heart and that they'll be proud of him so long as he tries. He succeeds in playing the music and the unicorns harmoniously blast their music, tiring the goblin, but not stopping his attack. Raven, with a multicolored soul-self, decides to hug Gumdrop Goblin and assures him that she values and respects him. Touched, Gumdrop Goblin stops his attack and hops away.

The Titans return and wonder about the whereabouts of Gumdrop Goblin, but Raven reveals that they defeated him through friendship, shocking Cyborg. Starfire realizes that they learned the lesson and Beast Boy cheers for the fact that they're returning home. The Titans are transported out of the episode after Sparkleface bids them good-bye and materialize outside Dent TV where Control Freak, who watched the events unfold in the television, compliments them for learning their lesson. Robin, however, orders the Titans into battle and they proceed to attack the villain as Raven rolls her eyes.


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Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Gumdrop Goblin  
Scott Menville Robin
Jelly Roll  
Khary Payton Cyborg
Buttermilk Biscuit  
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Alexander Polinsky Control Freak  
Non-speaking roles
Unicorn 3  
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut





  • The store Raven watched Pretty Pretty Pegasus from is Dent TV with a logo in the likeness of Two-Face, referencing Harvey Dent.
  • The episode parodies the themes and ideas explored in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, in which Tara Strong famously voices the central protagonist, Twilight Sparkle. Thus, Raven's obsession with Pretty Pretty Pegasus is something of an in-joke.
  • When the Titans are knocked into the air by the Gumdrop Goblin, the star that twinkles references the Pokémon anime in which Team Rocket are defeated in a similar fashion.
  • When Control Freak talks to Raven about the release of the newest Pretty Pretty Pegasus, it is similar to the scene in the original series from the episode "Fear Itself", where Control Freak and Beast Boy talk about the new release of the movie "Wicked Scary".
  • Control Freak's obsession with Pretty Pretty Pegasus is a reference to the male fandom of My Little Pony who are mainly called "bronies."


  • When Control Freak is knocked into the glass at Dent TV, the window is cracked. However, when the Titans return from Pretty Pretty Pegasus, the crack is gone.


Friendship title card
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