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George Washington
Biographical information


Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Relationship information

Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire




Teen Titans (formerly)

Professional information
  • First President of the United States of America
  • Leader of the Teen Titans (formerly)

Axe, Statue of Liberty, Freedom Shield

Behind the scenes
First appearance

"Money Grandma"

Voiced by

Danny Jacobs

George Washington was the first president of the United States of America who appears in Teen Titans Go!


He was brought back from time by Raven to teach Robin leadership. However, Robin's insolence angered Washington and he resolved to run against Robin for Team Leader. While he was victorious, Robin ended up traveling back in time and stripped Washington of his title as the first president.[1]


He is a good hearted young man who was the first president. To the Titans, he was kind to them, but to Robin, he was an enemy to him.

Physical appearance

George Washington wears a navy blue coat with white cuffs over a yellow vest, with a white handkerchief sticking out at his collar. His shoulders have yellow pauldrons, and also wears dark blue tights. His legs are covered with white stockings, with black buckled shoes over them. What he's missing are his hair and teeth, which are replaced by a white wig and wooden teeth, respectively.


Due to his role as the first president of the U.S., Washington can cut cherry trees with his axe. In the current year, he uses the Statue of Liberty as a robot to defeat Robin.


Teen Titans Go!



  • Washington is the second historical character to appear on Teen Titans Go! The first was Benjamin Franklin.
  • Following his appearance on the show, George Washington's design appears on the dollar bill alongside its traditional design.[2]


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