"Girl's Night Out/Transcript"
Season 1, Episode 13
Girl's Night Out title card
Production code: 107a
Airdate: June 18, 2013
Director: Peter Rida Michail
Writer: Amy Wolfram
"You're Fired!"
This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Girl's Night Out" from season 1, which aired on June 18, 2013.
Starfire (featured)
Raven (featured)
Jinx (featured)
Beast Boy
Titans Tower
Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility
Jump City
Wacka Doodles
Plot Point
This transcript is not yet complete.


The episode opens up to Robin and Cyborg waiting for Beast Boy.
Cyborg Beast Boy!! The dude is taking forever.

He'd better hurry, or he's gonna miss out on-

Robin and Cyborg Boy's Night Out! [High five in mid-air, then howl]
Beast Boy [Sprays himself with cologne, then enters the room]
Robin Look at you, all dressed up! Nice!
Cyborg [Sniffs the air] And smelling slightly better than usual.
Beast Boy Ah! So swag. [Flips back hair, hair comes back up] 'Cause you never know what could happen on [High fives in mid-air] Boy's Night Out! [Turns into dog form and howls]
Cyborg We did that already.
Beast Boy [changes back into human form] My bad.
Starfire Beast Boy! [Enters the room and hugs Beast Boy] You have combed your hairs! Have you plans for this evening?
Beast Boy [Jumps back from Starfire] No, tonight is not about plans. We go where the night takes us! [Cyborg and Robin nod]
Robin Isn't that [Moves body in a crazy way] craaaaaazy?
Starfire Oh, how exciting! I would like very much to join you.
Robin [Looks surprised] Oh, well, you see, we're, uh-
Cyborg and Beast Boy It's a Boy's Night Out.
Starfire But I am more than capable of joining in with the boy evening of revelry!
Beast Boy No, uh-uh, no way, no girls allowed.
Starfire But why?
Cyborg [Pops head out of suit] Because you are not crazy enough for the crazy night we about gonna do! [Puts head back in suit]
Starfire Ha ha ha ha! I have forgotten! [Flies over to Raven, Raven gets her popcorn out of the microwave] We are having our own Boy's Night Out. [Raven struggles to escape]
Beast Boy Uh, you're girls.
Starfire Then we are having a Boy's Night Out for girls! [Raven still tries to escape]
Cyborg You mean a Girl's Night Out.
Starfire Exactly.
Raven We are?
Starfire Yes! And you are not enough of the "cra-azy" to come with us!
Cyborg Oooookey-dokey.
Beast Boy Pssh, hehe, whatev's.
Robin Gentlemen, shall we? [Enters the elevator]
All Boys [Messes with their clothing, then howls]
Starfire What is a "Boy's Night Out?"
Raven Ah, you know, they hang out, make lame jokes, eat, burp, boy stuff. Okay, see ya.
Starfire But I can do the making of the jokes and having the gassy emissions.
Raven Uh, boys need time to be boys. Without girls. [Continues to eat popcorn]
Starfire [Startles Raven] We do not have gender-specific rituals on my planet. Tell, what do females do on a "Girl's Night Out"?
Raven Uh, I've never been on one. I can only imagine how horrible it would be. [Thinks of cute girly stuff, gets intimidated]
Starfire Then we must do the bonding ritual of females!
Raven O-kay, well, you see, I was gonna watch a movie tonight. By myself. [Uses power to smash Starfire to the ground]
Starfire [Talks sadly] You also do not think I am enough of the "cra-azy" to devote a night of gender-specific activities with, do you? [Does puppy-dog eyes at Raven]
Raven Fine. But don't expect me to bring the [Rolls eyes] "cra-azy".
Starfire Do not worry. I know exactly who to bring the proper amount of "cra-azy". We are going to have, the Night of the Girls! [Throws Raven's popcorn down, throws Raven out the window while trying to howl]
The boys are found walking down the street very casually, then start dancing to the music in the background, and finally high five
The girls are at Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility. Jinx is alone, sad, suddenly Starfire and Raven appear
Starfire Greetings, Jinx.
Jinx My least favorite titans. Here to gloat again about putting me in prison?
Starfire Again? [Turns to Raven]
Raven Yeah, I, do that when I'm bored sometimes.
Raven (flashback) Haha, look at you. You're in prison. [Eats popcorn]
Jinx (flashback) I hate you.
Starfire We are here to invite you out on a cr-aaaaazy night on the town! [Moves crazily] I hope I said "crazy" with enough of the crazy.
Jinx Excuse me?
Starfire As an expert of the criminal brand of "crazy", and also a female, you can be a great resource for us.
Raven Hold on, crazy. We're not here to break her out of jail, are we?
Starfire Of course not! We are merely borrowing her. Just imagine all the fun you will have. Oh please, oh please, say you will join us!
Jinx It's not like I have better plans...
Starfire Oh! I have the joy! [Looks at Raven with puppy-dog eyes]
Raven No.
Starfire [Continues to show puppy-dog eyes]
Raven Ehh... [Uses powers to teleport jinx outside cell]
Starfire Of course if you try to escape, I will obliterate you into microscopic particles.
Jinx [Speaks nervously] Sounds like a blast.
Starfire Yes. An eye blast. [Shows laser eyes] That is how I will obliterate you. [Shoots wall to reveal the outdoors, they all go out, texts says "Girls Night Out"]

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