Gumdrop Goblin
Gumdrop Goblin
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Gumdrop Goblin is a character in Pretty Pretty Pegasus.


When Butterbean and Sparkleface were travelling to Princess Puffballs' birthday party, Gumdrop Goblin captured the pegasuses and imprisoned them in a candy dungeon in his cave. Sparkleface eventually managed to retrieve the candy keys and escape the dungeon.[1]

Gumdrop Goblin was eventually lulled to sleep through the unicorns' beats and he remained in peaceful slumber until the Teen Titans, imprisoned in the latest episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus to learn a lesson, used violence to stop them, injuring Jelly Roll's horn. As a result, Buttermilk Biscuit explained that only their music could put him back to sleep and stomp his inevitable attack on Pegasus Village. The Titans, save Raven, attempted to confront the goblin, but he effortlessly punched them away and began destroying the city. Raven inspired Butterbean and Sparkleface into using the power of friendship to motivate Jelly Roll into playing music from his heart. After a few tries, Jelly Roll began blasting music again and the unicorns slowly soothed the goblin with their beat yet Gumdrop Goblin only slowed in his attack. Raven, using the light side of her powers, hugged the goblin and told him that she loved and respected him, touching his heart. Happy with her friendship, Gumdrop Goblin stopped his rampage and gleefully skipped away.[2]



Teen Titans Go!

Season 2


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