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H.I.V.E. Five (game)
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H.I.V.E. Five is the fourth online video game based on Teen Titans Go! hosted on


The Titans take a day off and visit an amusement park only to encounter the H.I.V.E. Five also on their day off!




Cyborg vs. Mammoth

Starfire vs. Gizmo

Raven vs. Jinx

Beast Boy vs. Billy Numerous

Robin vs. See-More


  • This games bears similarities to the Teen Titans video game, One-on-One with the format altered to fit the style of Teen Titans Go!. The video game was also removed from the website.
  • Starfire states "Krebble nebbits!" like she did when she died in "Ghostboy" if the player loses her minigame.
  • Raven being paired against Jinx could reference Jinx's statement in "Girl's Night Out" where she claimed Raven was one of her least favorite Titans.
  • On the menu screen, Jinx's eyes are colored green of pink.
  • The music used in this game is taken from the following episodes:
Pairing Stage theme Boss theme
Starfire vs. Gizmo "Power Moves" "Lazy Sunday"
Raven vs. Jinx "No Power" "Power Moves"
Robin vs. See-More Titans' Night Out
Beast Boy vs. Billy Numerous "Staff Meeting"
Cyborg vs. Mammoth "The Left Leg"
  • Also, the music that plays when a boss is defeated is from "Books".

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