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Halloween Spirit
Halloween Spirit
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Teen Titans

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Spirit of Halloween

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"Halloween" (only appearance)

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Khary Payton

The Halloween Spirit is a malevolent entity who feeds off fear.


Raven wants to celebrate Halloween with her friends, but nobody wants to celebrate with her. She decides to summon the Halloween Spirit for help, using a witch's eye, a dragon scale, a mummy's hand, a goblin's tail, and two candy corns. After being summoned, Halloween Spirit asks Raven why he is summoned. Raven tells the spirit that her friends are not into Halloween anymore. The spirit is surprised, and Raven explains that they are too old to be scared. The Halloween Spirit is unhappy to hear that, and decides to turn them into kids. He likes seeing the Titans run and scream, and takes his chance to scare Robin, but Robin kicks him in the air, breaking his pumpkin shell. Halloween Spirit is free to haunt the city. Raven tells the Titans that they must return the spirit back to his realm, or else they will stay as kids forever. Seeing that they had fun trick or treating, Halloween Spirit summons some monsters to attack them, feeding off their fear at the same time. However, the Titans have conquered their fear and defeat the monsters. Raven commands the Halloween Spirit to restore her friends and return to his realm. But the spirit denies, calling her an elf. The Titans light up their Jack O' Lanterns, creating light beams that shoots the spirit. Raven tosses her pumpkin, and the pumpkin absorbs the Halloween Spirit back to his realm just in time.

Physical appearance

After being summoned, he's just a living Jack o' lantern that doesn't move much. When his pumpkin shell breaks, he appears to be a black figure with an orange head that looks like his broken shell.


Magic: Used to turn Raven's friends into kids and bring everything to life.


Teen Titans Go!

Season 2


  • The Halloween Spirit had the tendency to rhyme his sentences when speaking.

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