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Beast Boy is Cyborg's best bud, a slightly dim but loveable loafer who can transform into all sorts of animals in the blink of an eye. That means he always has a form to fit any situation or solve any problem. But usually he’d rather just chill out, eat veggie burritos and watch TV.

Season 1

Beast Boy laughed alongside Robin and Cyborg when Robin recounted a story of him defeating a villain. The three messily ate their sandwiches over Raven who proclaimed them to eat like animals while Beast Boy ate his sandwich, transformed as a pig. He informed Raven that he'll do the impossible to eat a legendary sandwich like Robin's and was entranced by the Legend of the Legendary Sandwich. Turning into a mole, Beast Boy burrowed underground in order to retrieve the king's lettuce but was attacked by a Sandwich Guardian. Using his shapeshifting abilities, Beast Boy successfully defeated the guardian by crushing him under the weight of a whale. However, he lost his teeth in the process. Upon returning to the Tower and forging the legendary sandwich, Beast Boy argued that he should eat the sandwich first due to losing his teeth. However, Silkie consumed the sandwich and vomited it out, leaving Beast Boy devastated at the sandwich's loss.[1]

Season 2

Teen Titans Go! comic series


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