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As a half-teenager, half-robot hybrid, Cyborg would claim he's got the best of both worlds. His robot half makes him an expert at technology, so he can build and use all kinds of advanced weapons and gizmos. His teenage half means he loves playing video games, goofing off and consuming enormous amounts of food.

Season 1

Cyborg laughed alongside Beast Boy when Robin recounted a tale of him defeating dirt monsters. He messily chewed a sandwich and credited Robin as a great sandwich maker when Raven expressed her disgust. Like the others, Cyborg was entranced by the Legend of the Legendary Sandwich and volunteered to retrieve the Mystic Bacon at the Lava Lake due to his heat resistance. He claimed the mission to be easy, but was confronted by a Sandwich Guardian which ultimately ended with the loss of his arm. Cyborg furiously summoned a sonic cannon and destroyed his opponent before returning to the Tower. He argued that he should have the first bite due to losing his arm and was devastated when Silkie consumed and vomited the sandwich.[1]

Season 2

Teen Titans Go! comic series


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