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Raven's demon heritage gives her incredible powers, but it also means she has to keep her emotions in check so those powers don't rage out of control. That means she often comes across as sarcastic, deadpan, bored or solitary. Which, come to think of it, is a pretty accurate picture of Raven.

Season 1

Raven playing with her Pretty Pretty Pegasus toys

Raven playing with her Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls

Raven watched Pretty Pretty Pegasus on her computer before being interrupted by Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg, who were messily eating sandwiches over her. After hearing that the three would leave the tower to find a good sandwich, Raven tells the other Titans the Legend of the Legendary Sandwich and successfully disembarks them on a quest. During the quest, she watched Pretty Pretty Pegasus and played with her dolls. Once the Titans returned, Raven recited a spell to unite the legendary sandwich only for Silkie to consume it. When Robin suggested if anyone would want to watch Pretty Pretty Pegasus, Raven happily smiled in agreement.[1]

Raven asked Beast Boy what he was drawing and questioned whether Cyborg would like Beast Boy's thoughtful gift. She joined the others to eat breakfast at Mother Mae-Eye's Pies where she threw away her pie after Beast Boy stuck his finger in it. After Starfire claimed that Mother Mae-Eye made the best pies in Jump City, Raven revealed a rumor that people were baked into her pies which the Titans immediately laughed at, oblivious that Mother Mae-Eye was hypnotizing an old man in the background. When the group returned, Raven complimented Starfire on her choice to hold Cyborg's birthday party at the pie shop and agreed with Starfire's party games which included live animals. At Cyborg's birthday party, Raven informed Starfire that she played duck duck goose with live ducks and banished her duck to another dimension. When Beast Boy and Cyborg began fighting, Raven was against them stopping stating that she was actually enjoying a birthday party for once but Mother Mae-Eye attempted to bake her, Starfire, and Robin into pies. However, she escaped and glared at Beast Boy and Cyborg after they ate pies made from their clothes.[2]

While combating the Foul Demon, Robin interrupted her by taking her to an emergency which was an excuse to head to the beach, angering her. Raven questioned whether Robin's driving instructor was legal, noting it sounded sketchy. At Justice Java, Raven spotted Ed committing a crime and embarked to warn Robin, chasing after him through Jump City and space. Following the T-Car's explosion, she sarcastically complimented Cyborg on his driving skills.[3]

Raven was about to brush her teeth until Cyborg intervened by asking to duplicate him in order to escape playing Caveman and Dinosaurs with Beast Boy. She initially refused until Cyborg tricked her into casting the spell, duplicating him and later, Beast Boy. The spell was then abused by the magical doubles into creating more of them, consequently kicking her and her teammates out of the Tower. She later accompanied them to investigate an apartment which housed the real Beast Boy and Cyborg. The two replaced the Tower with another after launching the clone-infested one into space allowing them to move back in.[4]

While Robin received dating advice from Beast Boy and Cyborg, Raven offered a suggestion for him to just be himself. After Robin kidnaps Speedy in order to sabotage his date with Starfire, Raven becomes annoyed by him, Beast Boy, and Cyborg. She promises to watch the superhero like a hawk as the best friends leave to eat. Speedy promptly escapes and Raven directs him to the door.[5]


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