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This page is comprised of Robin's history throughout the series.

Season 1

Robin leaves for dangerous mission

Robin is unenthusiastic about his "dangerous mission" at Food Bear.

Robin told Beast Boy and Cyborg a story of him defeating a villain while they consumed his legendary sandwiches. He expressed doubt in the reality of a sandwich better than his, and told the Titans to find their respective ingredients in an attempt to recreate it. Raven sent him to the supermarket to retrieve pretzel bread, much to his disappointment and boredom as he thought the leader should have the most dangerous mission. The hero was bored while waiting for his number to be called and was ecstatic once he was able to retrieve the ingredient and leave the store. Upon returning, he joined the others as they watched Raven recite a spell that allowed the legendary sandwich to be reformed. Robin wanted to have the first bite, reasoning that he was the leader and sandwich expert, but got into a fight with Beast Boy, Starfire, and Cyborg who all wanted the first bite to compensate for the injuries they had received. He noticed Silkie consuming the sandwich and was delighted that the larva regurgitated it, exclaiming it as proof that his sandwiches were better. Afterward, Robin asked who wanted to watch Pretty Pretty Pegasus, which Raven agreed to with a smile.[1]

Robin accompanied Beast Boy and Cyborg to eat breakfast at Mother Mae-Eye's Pies, where he wondered about the ingredients used by Mother Mae-Eye. He later attempted to cheer Beast Boy up when he was heartbroken over not having enough money to buy Cyborg an expensive gift by reminding him that friends value the thought instead of the gift. However, he later tried to use this excuse in order to give Cyborg a half-drunk soda. At Cyborg's birthday party, Robin participated in Starfire's variation of Duck Duck Goose where he was attacked by an actual goose. Upon escaping, he asked Starfire or Raven if they should stop the battle between Beast Boy and Cyborg. Raven declined, but the three were approached by Mother Mae-Eye who hypnotized the trio. She took them to the kitchen where she cackled evilly as the entranced trio were placed in an oven to be baked into pies. The three successfully escaped and hog-tied Mother Mae-Eye while staring at Beast Boy and Cyborg, who failed to realize they were eating pies made from their clothes.[2]

Robin fails his test

Robin fails his Driver's Ed test.

Throughout the week, Robin tricked the other Titans into driving him around Jump City, angering them in the process as a result of each having to sacrifice something in order to do so. When confronted with his situation, Robin revealed his driver license was suspended as a result of wrecking the Batmobile causing the others to laugh at him. He informed his decision to sign up for a driving test in order to prove he was a master driver, but Raven shared doubts on its legality. Upon arriving at the location, he met his driving instructor, Ed, who had set up a scheme involving Robin as a getaway driver for his crimes. Robin, however, continued to fail his exams while Ed enacted his various crimes. During one of his driving exams, Robin noticed the other Titans attempting to warn him about Ed but misinterpreted their appearance as a means to mock him. He led the Titans on a goose chase around the city's buildings and into outer space before eventually crashing near the end of a rainbow. Ed gave him a passing score, but cockily revealed his scheme claiming that Robin never had a clue. However, Robin countered by stating he knew all along and wasn't warning Ed about the Foul Demon because of his crimes. Ed was soon dragged into a portal created by the demon as Robin claimed he was a master driver.[3]

Robin noted Raven's harsh behavior and had her reveal the reason for her attitude. Upon discovering that Trigon was Raven's father, he was astonished due to his fierce reputation. When Trigon arrived, he called Robin by his title, Boy Wonder, and slammed him into the floor after laughing heartily. Like the others, Robin asked for a power from Trigon and became extremely muscular. He later urged Raven to be more like Trigon and supported her when she went through the process of becoming truly demonic. However, he realized that Trigon was malevolent when he ordered her to kill her friends and used Beast Boy, who gained the ability to shapeshift into any object, to repeatedly slam Trigon on his head. Upon Trigon's defeat, Robin's gift was taken from him.[4]

Robin sided with Raven when she refused to create a magical double of Cyborg. Once Magical Doubles of Cyborg and Beast Boy were created, Robin held a meeting to discuss their fate and voted them out of Titans Tower. However, the magical doubles had created more replicas and kicked the Titans, including Robin, out. Robin tried to remind them of the memories they'll always have until Beast Boy and Cyborg realized they didn't have any. Tracing the costs of pizza from Cyborg's credit card, Robin located the real Beast Boy and Cyborg's apartment and scolded them for their selfishness. Once they replaced the tower with an exact replica, the original magical doubles decided to become hobos and fled while Robin pleaded for them to take Beast Boy and Cyborg as well.[5]

Robin watches Speedy woo Starfire

Robin, shocked, that Speedy has asked out Starfire, the love of his life.

Robin secretly created fortune tellers that detailed alternate futures for him and Starfire which were discovered by Beast Boy and Cyborg much to his displeasure. He asked them for help on asking Starfire on a date to Café Bear and worked up the courage to ask her only for Starfire to reveal that Speedy had asked her first. Jealous, Robin attempted to change Starfire's mind and restored to kidnapping Speedy to take his place and sabotage the date. At the restaurant, Robin nearly repented but ultimately followed through his plan after he spotted Starfire. He succeeded in disgusting Starfire until Speedy (dressed as Robin) arrived to reveal the scheme. Robin attacked and defeated Speedy before he could say anything and switched clothes to avoid a confrontation with Starfire. Berated by the voice in his head, Robin revealed his underhanded scheme to Starfire which infuriated her to the point that she blasted him. Dazed, Robin was mocked by the voice in his head as he left on an outing with Starfire.[6]

Season 2

Teen Titans Go! comic series


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