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Since Starfire is an alien from the planet Tamaran, she has several superhuman abilities, like flight, tremendous strength, and powerful starbolts. But it also means she’s unfamiliar with many human customs. Starfire struggles to fit in and learn the ways of Earth while driving Robin insane with unrequited puppy love.

Season 1

Starfire was fascinated by the Legend of the Legendary Sandwich, and sought to use it as a hair accessory. Due to being able to travel through space safely, Starfire headed to a planet in the Lilap System of the galaxy to retrieve the stellar tomato. However, she was confronted by one of the Sandwich Guardians and engaged in a fierce battle. Eventually, Starfire reigned victorious, but at the cost of her hair. Upon returning to the Tower, Starfire was visibly upset over her loss, and paid no attention to Robin's compliment. She argued that the loss of her hair was more important than Cyborg's missing arm and should be allowed the first bite of the newly formed sandwich. She argued with Cyborg and Beast Boy until they spotted Silkie consuming the legendary sandwich. Distraught, Starfire glared at Robin when he suggested watching Pretty Pretty Pegasus.[1]

Joining the other Titans to eat pies at Mother Mae-Eye's Pies, Starfire complimented Mother Mae-Eye's pies, calling them the best in Jump City and claimed that the secret ingredient was love while the baker hypnotized an elderly man behind her. Starfire expressed interest in planning Cyborg's birthday party and pleaded to Robin to let her. Returning to the pie shop, Starfire informed Raven of her decision to host the party at the pie shop and informed her of balloon animals with actual animals inside and showed her the pin for pin the tail on the donkey, scaring an actual donkey. At the party, Starfire handed out live ducks for duck duck goose and sent a goose after Robin. She later joined Robin and Raven in watching the pie war between Beast Boy and Cyborg when she was hypnotized by Mother Mae-Eye and left to be baked. However, the Titans escaped and she glared angrily at Beast Boy and Cyborg with her clothes shredded and hair cut once more.[2]

Starfire warned Silkie to stay away from a plant as they were bad for him when Robin arrived to whisked her away claiming there was an emergency. She drove Robin to The Cave where she was visibly angry that Robin had tricked her into driving him at the location. On Friday, she sadly tended to a bloated Silkie who had eaten a berry from the plant. She laughed alongside the others when discovering that Robin had his license suspended and attempted to cheer him up after he failed his first driving test. During this, Cyborg kept asking about her identity due to him losing his data as a result of Robin interrupting his data back-up. At Justice Java, Starfire was questioned by Cyborg until the Titans noticed his driving instructor, Ed, commit a crime and board Robin's car. She joined the others in an attempt to warn Robin but he mistook their warning and led them on a goose chase which resulted in the T-Car's explosion. A stray wheel hit Cyborg on his head, causing him to remember Starfire, who looked at him with confusion.[3]

Starfire noted Raven's rude behavior in the morning and wondered what put her in a foul mood. She was shocked by the announcement of Trigon being Raven's father, but was flattered when the demonic conqueror greeted her. Like the others, she was entranced by Trigon's ability to grant gifts and was granted the power to speak like an earthen teen, annoying Raven. She supported Robin's urges to become more like Trigon, and encouraged her to become fully demonic. However, she changed her mind upon being informed that Raven would have to kill all of her friends. She did not participate in the battle between her friends and Trigon and wasn't fazed when she lost her ability to act like a teenager.[4]

Season 2

Teen Titans Go! comic series


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